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Rishav Sen Choudhury

Born in Assam in 1995 and raised in Allahabad, Rishav graduated in Computer Science from ABES Engineering College, Ghaziabad. Now based in Bangalore, he's a humorist with a knack for puns, writing for HumorNama. While not crafting witty content, he's immersed in football or penning satirical pieces. A tech-enthusiast turned comedian, Rishav is a unique blend of intellect and humor.

Born in Assam in 1995, Rishav Sen Choudhury’s journey from the serene landscapes of the Northeast to the bustling tech hub of Bangalore has been as dynamic as his humor. Originating from Allahabad, he sharpened his intellect at ABES Engineering College, Ghaziabad, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. However, algorithms and coding weren’t the only languages he mastered; his penchant for puns and satire found a prominent place on his blog and subsequently, with the renowned platform, HumorNama.

Apart from leaving his readers chuckling, Rishav indulges in the world of football, drawing parallels between the game’s strategies and the clever twists in his jokes. Combining a tech background with comedic flair, Rishav Sen Choudhury is a name to watch in the realm of Indian humor writing.


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