Funny Mushroom Puns That Will Grow on You

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Mushrooms are nature’s little umbrellas, sprouting up from the earth after a rainy day, providing shelter for insects and a feast for the eyes (and sometimes the stomach, if you know which ones won’t send you on an unplanned trip to the ER). These fungi are the ultimate party crashers of the plant world, popping up overnight and ready to drop spores like it’s hot. But before you think mushrooms are just silent, spongy participants in the circle of life, let me tell you, they’ve got a whole lot to say. And by that, I mean mushroom puns are about to take center stage, turning the forest floor into a comedy club where the mic is always open.

Now, mushroom puns are the kind of humor that grows on you, kind of like mold on bread, but way more appetizing and less likely to cause disgust. They’re a fun-guy (see what I did there?) kind of joke, perfect for breaking the ice or sporing a little laughter among friends. Whether you’re telling a shiitake story or just buttoning up a conversation, these puns are sure to add a little more boost to your day.

Best Mushroom Puns

  1. What do you call a mushroom pretending to be something else? A decom-POSER!
  2. My mushroom is a boy. Will be a fungi when he gets older.
  3. What kind of mushroom loves to gossip? A shit-talkey.
  4. French people’s favorite pizza topping is mushrooms because they are the champignon of vegetables.
  5. I used to have this amazing device that would lead me to the most delicious mushrooms. But now it seems I’ve lost my Morel Compass.
  6. You have to be patient cooking mushrooms. That shiitakes time.
  7. Why did the mushroom get angry during musical chairs? Because eumycete.
  8. I watched a documentary on mushrooms tonight. I’ll probably watch them all like that from now on.
  9. Why are songs about mushrooms always triumphal marches, holiday songs, or classical canons played at weddings? Because they are D composers.
  10. My uncle always hated eating mushrooms but now that he’s dead, they’re beginning to grow on him.
  11. I went hunting for mushrooms the other day… don’t worry, there’s a morel to this story.
  12. How much room is needed for fungi to grow? As mushroom as possible.
  13. All mushrooms are edible but some mushrooms are only edible once.
  14. Why is there only one type of fungus that is in caves? There isn’t mushroom to grow!
  15. When Einstein eats a mushroom, the world around him becomes smaller.
  16. Don’t walk through a field of mushrooms It’s quite a tripping hazard.
  17. At work, they treat me like a mushroom. They feed me sh*t and keep me in the dark.
  18. What do you call a chamber of baby food? A mushroom.
  19. Mushrooms seem to pop up in random places. They are very sporeradic.
  20. If the PSP is made out of mushrooms, call it PlayStation Portabello.

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  1. My wife told me to stop making mushroom puns. I said, “Come on! I’m just trying to boost Morrell.”
  2. What did the mushroom say to its friend after a long time apart? “Long time no spore!”
  3. I was tripping on mushrooms. I’ll have to start watching my step more.
  4. What does the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom do when she wants to make a hard copy of the monologue she will deliver at her inauguration? She prints-a-speech.
  5. It’s been said that mushroom enthusiasts are usually confrontational. And it’s true, I know firsthand that they’re not to be truffled with.
  6. Why did the mushroom go to school? To get a little more cultured!
  7. Took my driver’s test high on magic mushrooms. Passed with flying colors.
  8. I once drove a car on mushrooms. They got pretty squished!
  9. How much room do you need to grow fungus? As mushroom as possible.
  10. I was illegally hunting for mushrooms. I have questionable morels.
  11. What does a Frenchman call a mushroom omelet? Breakfast of champignons!
  12. My family was so poor, that we lived in a toadstool. There wasn’t mushroom, but it was home.
  13. Why are mushrooms so savvy in business? Because they know when to cap italize on opportunities!
  14. I thought I picked a mushroom that smelled like poop. Turns out it was just toad stool!
  15. Life is a flavorful mushroom from Japan. Sorry, I know that’s a sh*t take.
  16. My wife went mushroom hunting all day and found nothing. I’m offering morel support.
  17. You’d think sex on mushrooms would be fun. But it’s sooooo much better on a bed.
  18. When mushrooms use Tinder: “I’m a fungi looking for a fungal.”
  19. The first time I took mushrooms, I had a lot of visuals of bre*sts. It was a trip down mammary lane.
  20. My first wife died from eating poisonous mushrooms; my second wife died of a fractured skull, she wouldn’t eat her mushrooms.

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