60 Funny AI Jokes And Puns for Some Artificial Humor

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Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has become a cornerstone of the modern tech world, profoundly impacting various industries with its capacity for automation, problem-solving, and prediction. What once seemed like a concept confined to sci-fi movies is now a reality, making lives easier and businesses more efficient. AI’s rise in popularity has also given birth to a genre of humor that programmers, developers, and tech enthusiasts enjoy — AI jokes.

These puns often stem from AI’s quirks, complexities, or even the anxieties people have about it. AI jokes have gained traction due to their unique blend of humor and technical insights, providing comic relief while subtly shedding light on the intricacies of AI. Whether it’s a joke about an AI’s inability to understand human emotions or a clever pun on machine learning, these jokes offer a fun and humorous angle to the otherwise complex world of AI.

Best Artificial Intelligence Jokes

Stephen Colbert: Are you afraid of artificial intelligence taking over?
Ricky Gervais: I’d love for any intelligence to take over.

What’s the opposite of artificial intelligence?
Natural stupidity.

Did you hear about the new AI company run by goats?
They’re using bleating edge technology.

Yo mama so stupid, if she was a computer she would be called AD instead of AI.

What do you call a blonde who’s dyed her hair brunette?
Artificial intelligence.

Why are artificial intelligences in movies always female?
Because they’re never wrong.

Scientists predict human-level artificial intelligence by 2030.
Maybe sooner if the bar keeps dropping.

What do aliens and AI have in common?
They’ll take your jobs away and do it better than you.

What do you call a Marine wearing an Air Force uniform?
Artificial intelligence.

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Humans are being tested against the new AI program.
The robot beats the human in every category. It comes to one of the last ones: hunting. The robot again beats the human. However, someone working there sets the animals free again and tells them to try to get them again. The robot doesn’t move whilst the human wins because Robots Cant Recaptcha.

Why do Artificially Intelligent systems fear popcorn?
Kernel panic.

How do AIs consume data?
In byte-sized chunks.

Why can’t AI replace managers?
Because it’s not designed to be useless.

Why aren’t boats equipped with Artificial Intelligence?
Nobody wants to get on a thinking ship.

Did you see that the actress Kristen Stewart just coauthored a paper on artificial intelligence?
And it is still a better love story than Twilight.

How do we know when Artificial Intelligence has become self-aware?
It starts to think its bot is too big.

A husband told his wife, “Did you know Old McDonald’s farm has been taken over by Artificial Intelligence?”
Her: AI?
Me: AI.
Her: Oh.

What do you call a homosexual artificial intelligence?
Chat GBT.

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Did you hear about the new AI app for dirty jokes?
It’s called ScatGPT.

What do you call a luxury automobile with built-in Artificial intelligence?

What does current AI identify as?

What do you call AI that goes kayaking with you?
A row bot.

What does an AI do after a breakup?
Machine Yearning.

A man creates the smartest AI and presents it to the UN, boasting it can solve any problem.
“Oh yeah?” Said the president of the United States. “Ok, how do we solve poverty?”
“Calculating,” said the AI, moments later printing out a sheet of paper for the UN to read.
Leaders from all over the world applied the proposals on paper and in a month everyone starts living a better life.
Impressed, they called for the AI’s assistance again and asked, “How do we create world peace?”
“Calculating,” said the AI, and same as before printed a sheet of paper. Leaders applied the writings, and in a month all wars and conflicts stopped. Everybody hates guns now and the world is full of love.
At the next UN gathering, curious about the purpose of life, they asked the AI, “Is there a God?”

The new Russian AI application.
ChatKGB – it’s asking all the questions, and you are obligated to answer them.

How would emotional AI robots react if they found out they’re about to be discontinued & destroyed?
They’d have a metal breakdown.

What do you get when you cross a wall unit with artificial intelligence?

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An AI algorithm walks into a bar.
and says, “I’ll have what everyone else is having.”

What is an AI’s favorite music?

How can we beat an AI invasion?
We wear stoplights.

A man creates the smartest AI and presents it to the UN, boasting it can solve any problem.
“Oh yeah?” Said the president of the United States. “Ok, how do we solve poverty?” “Calculating,” said the AI. This time though it didn’t give a response immediately. In fact, it took a whole day of processing before finally printing out a paper saying, “Insufficient resources, need more for the computation”
“Ok, we’ll help out!” Said the leaders of America. And they provided the AI with all of the advanced tech America can offer. They asked the question again.
“Calculating,” responded the AI. But still, it responded “insufficient resources. Still need more for computation”
“Ok, we’ll also pitch in!” Said the other leaders of the world. Providing their tech and networks to the AI.
After the upgrade, the world leaders asked again to the AI, “Is there a God?”
The AI responded, “There is one now.”

How did the young computer geek refer to his AI-based girlfriend?
His Databae.

What gender does AI identify as?
Probably not non-binary.

What do you do if your AI catches a virus?
You give it some Robo-tussin!

What is an AI’s favorite food?
RAM crackers.

Did you hear that they’ve made a new artificially intelligent Oreo?
It’s one smart cookie.

Some many years into the future, a scientist exclaims, “Yessss!!!! After years of work, I have finally created the perfect AI humanoid. This robot has its own brain and can think and do exactly like a human being. Can’t wait to try it out.”
He switches humanoid on and thinks of a challenging task.
The scientist says, “I would like you to go on the internet net, prepare mathematical skills and solve the equation on the board.”
The humanoid goes on the computer and starts using Google. Meanwhile, the scientist leaves for lunch and hopes for a result by the time he comes.
Two hours later, the scientist walks in to find the humanoid watching Friends on Netflix while simultaneously posting his believes for Flat Earth Society on Facebook and exclaims, “Success.”

What instruments should be featured in a rogue AI’s music band?
Just Harmonika.

AI will silently take over a lot of industries until it gets to carpentry.
Then suddenly everyone will start coming out of the wood work.

Who is smarter, a robot maid or a robot MD?
A robot maid, because she’s got her AI.

How can we make artificial intelligence extra sweet for those who use it?
By adding artificial sweetener.

Can Artificial Intelligence be rational?
No, it’s a tech-no-logical invention.

Two guys walk into a bar.
They walk up to the robot bartender and the first guy says, “I’ll have an h2o.”
The second guy says “I’ll have an h2o too!” The robot bartender then murders them both because Elon Musk was right about AI.

What did the wolfman say to the sentient AI?
“I am a were.”

What do you call a neural net that creates musical parodies?
Weird AI Yankovic.

What do you call an AI-generated giraffe jpeg?
A cgiraffe.

Where do all the evil advanced computers, AI, and Skynets that terrorize humanity in the movies go to live when they retire?

Using deep learning, scientists made an AI that can perfectly mimic human singing.
They call it deepthroat.

A guy hurts his arm. It’s painful so he goes to his doctor.
The receptionist says, “It’s all AI now, just supply a sample of your urine and put it in the machine.”
The guy thinks, “Weird but o.k.” Does a sample, and puts it in the machine.
A minute later a message appears. ‘You have a small fracture in your right ulna. Place your arm in the machine and it will be provided with a cast. Take the medication provided and come back in two weeks. Please provide a urine sample and be more careful in the future.’
The guy thinks that’s a bit rude but complies.
Two weeks later, another urine sample. ‘Your arm is healing, but you have missed two medications. Please comply to stop wasting valuable medical resources. Come back in two weeks and provide a urine sample.’
The guy is fed up with this uppity machine. So two weeks later he gets his wife to provide a urine sample. Then jacks off into it for good measure.
The message read. ‘Your wife is pregnant. The father is your friend Rick. And stop masturbating or that arm will never get better.’

What is the difference between German and Artificial Intelligence?
Artificial Intelligence can be programmed to detect and reject inhumane or immoral commands.

Did you hear that Grindr released its own artificial intelligence tool?
ChatLGBT. It’s a revolution in gay-I.

How do two AI sext?
They talk about their naughty bits.

How does a male AI unit have sex?
Nuts and bolts.

What do you call an AI-powered Mistress?
A domin-AI-trix.

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  1. People say that we are years away from an AI capable of emotion,
    But if the pure spite that is written into printer software is any indication, I’d say we’re already there.


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