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A sense of humor is the ability to sense, perceive, and practice humor. Simply, the ability to appreciate a joke is called a sense of humor. From an evolutionary biological standpoint, the sense of humor is used by males to attract females. So, there are many who believe with this ‘outdated’ logic that women are less funnier than men. Now, two weird questions arise in this situation. One, if women are less funnier than men, can’t they improve? Two, what if a male is deprived of a sense of humor? After all, not all women can cook good food. For these reasons, we have formed the best ways to improve your sense of humor.

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Before giving a detailed explanation of ways to improve your sense of humor, it is important to know the benefits of laughter. You can look for this space in the future to know the best benefits of having a good sense of humor. Anyways, a personality who can say funny things and can perceive the funny side of things is a person with a good sense of humor. But how do you become one?

Top 23 Ways To Improve Your Sense Of Humor

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1. Share Your Point Of View More

This is a no brainer when answering the question on how to improve humor skills. You cannot be Louis C. K., George Carlin, Richard Pryor or Robin Williams. It has to be the original YOU. Take a moment and think about the funniest people you have met in your life. You’ll realize that no one is the same. Every person has a different style, perspective, and opinion when describing an event. This originality makes you unpredictable and causes laughter. So start sharing your point of view from day one.

2. Explore Stand Up Comedy & Funny Videos.

Nobody can teach you all the other 22 ways mentioned in this article in a more practical way than watching the ones who have excelled in this field. But the most important part is that choose your learning videos carefully. You won’t like using the dark humor of Louis C.K. in front of your friend circle consisting of people having strict moral and religious beliefs.

3. The Importance Of Subject, Target & Its Timing In Humor

You can’t be more wrong in a situation if you are ignorant about the subject, its target, and its timing. Let’s say that what happens when you gift an adult magazine to a 6-year-old kid on his birthday? This is not a humorous or witty course of action but a stupid one. Here, the subject is the adult magazine, the target is the child and the timing is the birthday of kid. Although, the narration of the same incident 10 years from then would be hilarious.

4. Beware Of The Interests & Preferences Of Your Humor Victim

This homework is performed by almost every comedian before coming onto the stage. The key to capturing the minds of your friends and colleagues is to be familiar with their interests and preferences. Developing a good sense of humor is not just about delivering fancy stuff but also about understanding the perspective of the listeners.

5. The Importance Of Spontaneity

If you aren’t quick in delivering the punchlines then the window of the joke to be made closes. Once the time has played its part, all you’ll ever do in the conversation is catching up.

6. Never Play One Type Of Humor

Good comedians have a backup of different perspectives. If one type is not working for them then they move to another. Kids don’t really get puns or sarcasm but enjoy roleplay. Students might like misdirections and puns while adults like exaggeration and teasing more.

7. Every Relatable Truth Is A Joke

Funny people heavily rely on ‘observational’ humor. They pick up instances from their personal life and present them in the form of story-telling. This allows the listener to relate to the story and be surprised by the narrator’s point of view.

8. Want To Be Humorous? Laugh On Yourself, First

This is the greatest quality possessed by a person with a good sense of humor. If you can laugh on yourself, it means that you have come in terms with your mistakes and more importantly, with YOU. Your mistakes are a part of you so cannot hide them. But you can learn from them. When you share your mistakes, imperfections, and flaws, it makes you complete. After all, any embarrassing story turns into a hilarious story if given some time.

9. Smile & Smirk But Don’t Laugh

Amateurs laugh, experts smile while the legends smirk. The saying fits appropriately on people who are looking to be the focal point of a friend circle. No one should laugh at his/her joke unless you want to stress the related/next humor.

10. Effortlessness In Execution

When you are a personality who can speak and understand funny things, you ought to be enjoying the moment. You should avoid these signs: feeble and pacing voice, fidgeting, swaying & stepping back and forth. These are the signs of nervousness which will be easily perceived by your colleagues or audience. Whereas, if people find you require little or no effort then their focus will shift more towards what you are saying.

11. Voice Modulation

Voice modulation is the most powerful weapon it comes to captivating your audience with your ideas and beliefs. The importance of voice modulation increases when you have to pitch in a witty or funny line during your conversations. It helps to influx emotions into a message. And without emotions, you got to be humorous like Alexa.

12. Make Fun Of Others’ Strengths

Avoid making fun of others’ weaknesses until and unless you are an esteemed comical character among your friend circle and acquaintances. Instead, you should make fun of others’ strengths. In this way, you would neither hurt the family of the insecure nor the egoistic heads in the room.

13. Share Funny & Humorous Content

Social Media has become an integral part of our lives and people like to put forward their point of view by sharing text, images, and videos. Now, if your point of view is funny, witty, and sarcastic, then you create a perception of yourself portraying a person with a great sense of humor.

14. Try Finding Humor In Anything Frustrating & Annoying

You can not always be a humor digger in any major happening or event. You need to be definitive and pertaining to closure when pitching your sense. The best way to do that is by try and finding humor in frustrating events. For example, waiting in a queue and watching a boring movie in theatre.

15. Start Making Memes Or Cartoons

One of the best ways to improve your sense of humor is to start creating memes and cartoons. It is widely known that drawing/sketching helps in improving creativity. On the other hand, creating memes and cartoons help tremendously in improving comical creativity. There are many meme generators on play stores which come in with various templates for you to start practicing.

16. Hang Out With Funny People Or Children

If you are hanging out with people who are shy, easily offended and suffering from social anxiety then you should try to explore other friend circles. Hanging out with people who are funny is not a bad company to be in. Also, you should attend the stand-up comedy shows. You can find some awesome people down there who will help you enrich your humor skills.

17. Be Aware Of Latest Buzz

When we talked about knowing your audience’s interests, we just didn’t mean the interests but also the latest happenings in that particular domain. If your audience and friend circle love football then you should be aware of the results of last week’s league or champions league matches. This will help you to put forward funny rhetoric for your football-loving audience.

18. Be Culturally Open-Minded

If you want to be humorous, you need to be culturally open-minded but what does it mean? Basically, it is your capacity to be open and unprejudiced when encountering people outside of your own cultural group who may have different values and norms. Most People usually ask how can they be culturally open-minded. Well, if you are a beginner then you can begin by learning more about different cultures in the world.

19. The Role Of Exaggeration

Note down the observation of an event and exaggerate it out of proportions in such a way that the comparison is wildly unreasonable. The more the difference between comparison, the better chance for you to excel in your job.

20. Tease With Good Intentions

If the intentions are right then people will try to understand you more. Good intentions help in situations when you have overdone in your attempts. Positive teasing allows people to deal with constructive criticism. While repetitive teasing with wrong intentions is bullying.

21. Specificity

Everyone loves specificity attached to a piece of information. The more the specificity, the better chance for you to involve your audience in your speech. When discussing your involvement with an event that might be relatable to others, you can add as much as specifics as possible. This is usually used during a buildup.

22. Doubling Down

Doubling down is a phrase that was used by gamblers in the past. It means strengthening your strategy in a potentially risky course of action. Every person has its own style of sense of humor and it is important to strengthen your quality. Your quality might be risky, but when it works, it will pay you equal dividends for your weeks of struggle.

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23. Practise & Repeat

You become better at anything by practising and failing. After many attempts, your brain starts making an algorithm for what’s working for you. By repetition in comedy, your brain starts thinking fast. The more you are used to making things comical, the more quickly you start developing patterns on jokes that work.

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There are multiple studies going on to predict the factors which trigger humor among different ages, gender, and cultures. There might be many reasons for a thing to be funny or not. But developing a good sense of humor will always help you to reach out to people with different mental processes and strengths.

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