Funny Ramadan Puns to Share This Holy Month

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Rishav Sen Choudhury

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Ramadan is that special time of year when Muslims all over the world fast from sunrise to sunset, and it shows that patience is actually a virtue, especially when your stomach starts to feel like an unhappy bunny during the day. It’s not just about skipping meals and dreaming of feasts fit for a sultan; It’s a month dedicated to spiritual growth, meditation, detoxification, and a Netflix watchlist. Brace yourselves, as we are about to delve deeper into the metaphorical world of Ramadan, where fasting meets laughter and the pain of hunger is shrouded in fists.

Now, hold on to your prayer mat because we are falling into a universe of Ramadan puns, where every one-liner is a hit at a fast pace. Whether you’re smiling because you’re hungry or you just need a good laugh between sips of Sahure water, these puns are here to make sure your Ramadan is filled with joy, happiness, and a generous helping of sighs. So, let this Ramadan be not only a time of spiritual reflection but a time to remember that laughter is indeed the best medicine, after dates of course.

Best Ramadan Puns

  1. Happy Ramadan to all my Muslim brothers and sisters! Religion This month, lunch is on me.
  2. Dinner during Ramadan is usually Mecca-roni and cheese.
  3. Ramadan: Putting the “slim” back in Muslim since 624 C.E.
  4. Never race a Muslim during Ramadan. Why? They fast during Ramadan!
  5. Did you know that Sonic the Hedgehog is a devoted Muslim? Every Ramadan, he’s like “Gotta go fast!”
  6. I cannot wait for my date tonight. Dates really are the best part of Ramadan.
  7. I asked a man in a turban why he wasn’t fasting. He told me you don’t have to fast for Ramadan if you are Sikh.
  8. Finding food after a day of fasting in Ramadan is like a game of Hide and Seekh Kebab.
  9. It is Ramadan so now you have religious reasons to be broke and starving.
  10. I respect those participating in Ramadan. No way could I go thirty days without sex. Unless my girlfriend is home.
  11. I was going to write a book on how to fast, but I realized it would be a quick read.
  12. What celebration comes the day after Ramadan? Rama-done.
  13. Met a Muslim during Ramadan. We because fast friends!
  14. Vegans are quite tolerable this time of year. They tend not to Ramadan your throat as much.
  15. Why aren’t there any Muslim Eskimos? When Ramadan falls in the summer they all starve to death.

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  1. There’s a new movie about violence during the Ramadan. It’s called The Fast And The Furious.
  2. During Ramadan, avoid kitchen disasters; otherwise, you’ll end up with Iftar-nity of cleaning.
  3. I tried making a Ramadan playlist, but all the songs were too fast.
  4. What’s a Muslim cat’s favorite part of Ramadan? The purr-ayer times!
  5. I tried to cook during Ramadan, but everything ended up as a falafel attempt.
  6. Fasting in high temperatures is called Summer-dan.
  7. Why do we break our fast with dates? Because they’re never out of date!
  8. In Ramadan, the best way to cut your food is with a Crescent moon knife.
  9. We just had an end-of-Ramadan party. It was a blast.
  10. When you break your fast, make sure not to do it with something Haram-burger.

Do you have a funny pun about Ramadan? Write down your one-liners in the comment section below!

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