10 Of The Funniest Moments From Engineering Life In India

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How important are moments which make us laugh? This body will die but memories and moments remain forever. In every workplace or college, the culture of your surroundings affects your life. Among many professions, there is a species which solve our daily problems and make machines work more efficiently for us. Today we are going to talk about the funniest instances from the engineering life of an Indian Engineer.

Problem-solving is essential to engineering. Engineers are constantly on the lookout for a better way to do things.

Dinesh Paliwal, CEO of Harman International Industries

These people always have an ice-breaker ready in every gathering and their personality reflects their life. Engineering college life is often accused of insomnia, the overburden of tests, and assignments, low on social life and money. But these people have their own sacred life and there are some comical moments in it too.

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People with a funny bone are not hard to find and so are Engineers (especially in India). If you happen to be from an engineering background then you’ll relate to every bit of this engineering life article. If not then your ‘engineer’ friend will pop up in your mind while going through the moments. The four years (maybe more than four for few) in Bachelor of Technology is a mixed sack of uncountable creative and weird experiences.

Many famous Indian comedians learn the art of comedy during their engineering life. Arunabh Kumar, an IIT alumnus made an amazing career out of humor and comedy which we call TVF. Tanmay Bhatt and Rohan Joshi, the co-founders of the famous Youtube channel AIB are engineering graduates. Biswapapti Sarkar, Jitendra Kumar, Amol Parashar, Amit Golani, Vipul Goyal, and so many other engineering graduates have made a name for themselves in this industry of entertainment. Certainly, there is a connection between entertainment and engineering.

Funniest Moments From Engineering Life In India.

First time in college meme.

The Expectation Vs Reality Check.

In school, Bollywood and TVs portray a very cool and modern picturization of ‘The College Life’. These fictions filled our minds with mysteries and expectations of a dream college life. While some expectations do come true, most of them are flipped upside down.

The first-year seems no different than school. The shackles of discipline and attendance (especially in private colleges) make us realize how those fictions have always misguided us. But despite all the strictness in the first year, this phase holds our innumerable memories. Bunking the classes is never as interesting as it is in the first year of college. First bunk, first friends, first college fest, first girl/boy we hit on, first project, discussions, and mess gathering give us so much to remember and cherish.

The New Age Freshers’ ‘Intro’ Ragging.

Before going to an engineering college, ragging is one of the most overrated topics. Among many ragging stories, one which still reminds me was of a first-year student who had to run naked for 3 km in the morning at 5 a.m. But ragging is no more the same as it was 15-20 years ago. Now ragging is just ‘Ae chal intro de’ with a lot of twists and variations.

Intro with either all the words in Hindi or using alternate English-Hindi words (strictly) is one rich experience. The newly-promoted second-year students awaiting for freshers like a hyena term it as ‘taking the legacy forward’. The most interesting ragging conversations are from the local first-year wannabe goons, they give us a lot of events to remember.

The National Tea Breakfast.

Irrespective of college, branch, or city, ‘Chai’ has always been the national beverage of engineers. This national beverage upgrades to ‘Chai-sutta’ in the senior years. The conversations over tea and cigarette are priceless. From event ideas to project ideas, everything could be well discussed and the funnier side to this is that people somehow get more creative with the gold flake combination in hands. These gatherings gave us enough ideas to nail any conversation.

Four Years – Four Transitions.

Engineering immensely transforms every personality. Every session contributes to our personality and molds us into a new character after the roller coaster ride of four years. First-year is mostly about that shy little guy first time out his town and comfort zone. The feeling of homesickness and the pressure of grades require a lot of effort to get accustomed to. The year number one is about having those serious aims in life as instructed by our parents. But there is another devil voice at the back head asking us to break free and relax after hectic preparations of engineering entrance exams.

Engineering Life Meme

The second-year comes with a key to those chains and we try to do everything which was portrayed to us through Bollywood and Tv. Proceeding to the third year, we even tend to forget if we had any goals. Although, the responsibilities and pathway become clearer after hearing placement stories of seniors and super-seniors. The fourth-year takes us back to the training phase with placement preparations. Four years of engineering make us go through every sort of experience making us raw street smart and cult professional at the same time. It develops a wide and creative sense of humor forever in our personalities.

The Last Hour Rushes.

Who isn’t familiar with this? Almost eating up the mammoth syllabus just a night before the exams become a habitual practice for engineering students. Procrastination is never regretful in engineering college life. What does it cost? A few digits in the percentage but that loss was incomparable to the gain. The gain of procrastinating and still getting things done. Every engineer has uncountable stories of last hour rushes and still nailing at their jobs. Engineers are never short of solutions and comebacks regardless of their problems. This trait helps them a great deal in problem-solving and efficiency.

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The Wide Diversity.

A good humor is actually good if it is good enough to tickle the funny bone of everyone regardless of the background or type of person. There is no other place as diverse as an engineering college in India and there is no other better home as an engineering hostel. Just imagine a community where there are students of branches like Computer Science, Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Electronics, IT, Applied Math, Marine, Aerospace and others living together. Totally a geeky appreciation. Students from different states and studying in different branches hang out, organize college events together and get along like they’ve been friends for a lifetime.

Male To Female Ratio.

Engineering Meme on Girl in college.

Engineering has always been unfair to men (mostly). Out of all the college fantasies, wooing women is a one of the top priorities but of course, it’s never easy, isn’t it? The girl to boy ratio is so low that the fantasy turns into self-realization and it takes no time for boys to convert to a ‘Sakht Launda’. The availability of a single girl is extremely rare in engineering colleges. An engineer has a lot of stories to narrate and get high on the nostalgic drug but that’s either incomplete or a one-sided love affair. These stories are so funny that you might remember them for the next 20 years.

Late-Night Hostel Pranks.

Engineering life meme on hostel food.

Hostel life in Indian engineering colleges moves parallel to the college life. It’s almost like day and night are two different lives with their own flavors. Pranks in washrooms, locking the dorm doors from outside, breaking and damaging the hostel amenities and making the hell out of the lives of wardens are some of the hostel life moments which is drugged into the memories of a hostelor. These hostel mischief stories are endless and provide a plethora of content that any engineer (notable mention of Chetan Bhagat) can make a career out of these stories. In fact, many engineers have used personal experiences of college life when delivering their stand up act.

The Bond Of Attendance & Medical.

If anything really fears an engineer then it has to be attendance. The compulsory attendance mark has always been pia for the engineers. But like you know, engineers are always ready with comebacks and solutions, and in this case, fake medical certificates have always been the prime solution for events related to attendance exemptions. Cometh the exams, students rush to the local doctors to get their medical certificates stamped and bypass the attendance criteria rule.

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Because Of Course, ENGINEERING!

Was there a doubt? Engineering is not just a career path but a religion. You can find engineers in every profession. Acting? Finance? Banking? Government Jobs? MBA? And engineering itself, they are everywhere in India. The engineering life is so colorful and interesting that it fills the minds of engineers with crazy memories and thoughts for the rest of their lives.

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