20 Funny Taiwan Jokes to Laugh Your Way Through Island

Funny Taiwan Jokes for Taiwanese
Funny Taiwan Jokes

Taiwan: the little island that could. But could what, you ask? Ah, therein lies the controversy. The self-governing entity finds itself juggling a dynamic economy, night markets filled with mouth-watering foods, and an identity crisis that’s not just an existential teen angst thing. You see, Taiwan considers itself a separate country, but Mainland China is like that obsessive ex who keeps texting, “You belong with me!” International relations never seemed so much like a melodramatic rom-com.

Now, you might think that an island steeped in geopolitical complexity would be a bit shy about humor. But you’d be wrong. Taiwan jokes aren’t just an outlet; they’re a survival mechanism. From puns about Taipei traffic to puns about their ambiguous global status, humor is a way to tread the choppy waters of identity and politics without capsizing. Just remember, Taiwan jokes are like their signature bubble tea: best enjoyed with a large straw and a sense of irony.

Best Taiwan Jokes

Why is Taiwan willing to stand up to China?
Because it has a Taipei personality.

What do you call an impatient man from Bangkok who moved to the capital city of the Republic of China for a writing job, got kidnapped, covered in multicolored paint and restrained with rope?
A tied-up, tye-dyed, Type-A, Taipei-Thai typist.

Knock, knock.
(Who’s there?)
(Taipei who?)
Taipei sixty words a minute is pretty fast!

What’s the most common blood type in Taiwan?

Yo mama so Chinese, she thinks Taiwan is in China.

What’s better than Taiwan?

Once, China organized a poll to find out which clothing item was the most popular. Everyone thought it would be shirt.
But Taiwan.

What if China has invaded Taiwan?
The UN must condemn this act of wonton aggression.

Three men were buried under a landslide in China.
They’re inside a car when it happened, and miraculously still have cell phone connection. The first man made a phone call to the police and said, “I’m a good citizen and husband, please come save us!” The police tell him that they will come for them in 24 hours.
The second man made a phone call to the army, “Comrade, I served the country as you do, please get me out of here!” The soldier tells him that they will come for them in 12 hours.
The final man made a phone call to someone and whispered which the other two men couldn’t hear. Within an hour, the men were dug out and rescued.
A group of police officers walks up to the weary men, “Alright, which one of you said Taiwan is a country?”

How do you drink to excess in the Republic of China?
You Taiwan on!

Do you know why China supports a Free Tibet and a Free Hong Kong?
They grabbed both of theirs for free. They’re really keen on a Free Taiwan as well.

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“Hey! I heard same-sex marriage is legal in China!” says a white man to a Chinese national.
“No, we don’t,” replies the Chinese national.
“But Taiwan has already legalized same-sex marriage!”
“No… Taiwan is not… uh… Yes, China is … uh…”

China fired missiles over Taiwan but they all missed.
They must’ve been made in Taiwan.

Why did the tea enthusiast get kicked out of the Taiwanese tea shop?
Because he took toolong.

A man goes into a shoe store looking to buy a pair of boots.
There’s an Irishman behind the counter who pulls out a box of comfortable-looking boots for the man. The man tries on the left boot, a perfect fit. He laces them up and is fairly convinced he’ll be buying them.
“Paddy, this boot’s a perfect fit. Will you pass me the other boot so I can try them both on?”
He puts on the other boot, which fits just as snuggly as the first. As he’s about to do the laces up, he realizes there are no holes to put the laces through.
“Paddy! What’s wrong with the other boot? There aren’t any holes for the laces!”
Paddy looks at the box for a moment, and says, “Ahhh, here’s your problem. TAIWAN, it says here.”

What do you call a Taiwanese dog with a camera attached to its head?
A GouPro.

What is a Taiwanese person’s favorite genre of music?
ROC and roll.

A man is sitting at a bar when an Asian man walks in and sits next to him.
Five minutes later the Asian man kicks the first man off his barstool. The first man looks at him and asks him, “why you do that?
The Asian man replies, “That’s karate from Korea.”
Not wanting any trouble the man gets up and sits back down.
Five minutes later the Asian man kicks the guy off his stool again and says, “That’s kung fu from China.”
Now the man is pissed but he still doesn’t want any trouble but as he sits down again, the Asian man kicks him off his barstool and says, That’s tae kwon do from Taiwan.”
Now the man is furious so he walks outside to his car. When he walks back inside he sees the Asian man and WHACK.
While the Asian man is laying on the ground, the man bends over him and says, “That’s a crowbar from the Home Depot.”

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What do you call a Taiwanese magician?

What do get when you cross a Mexican restaurant with a Taiwanese restaurant?

What’s your favorite mythical country?
Narnia, Middle-Earth, Asgard or Taiwan?!

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Jessica Amlee, born in 1996 in Laughlin, Nevada, is a delightful humorist and joke writer with a penchant for puns. She studied at Emerson College, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Comedy. Known for her sharp wit and clever wordplay, Jessica has authored several popular joke books. A regular at stand-up comedy clubs, she never fails to leave her audience in stitches. Jessica's comedic style combines snappy one-liners and observational humor, making her a rising star in the world of comedy.

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