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Marvel’s Thor star Chris Hemsworth came to India and Bangladesh for the shooting of his Netflix movie Extraction and the film never disappointed the fans in the Indian sub-continent. The action-filled movie written by Joe Russo has every ingredient of a super-hit action movie of Bollywood. The movie has a mixture of Hindi and Bengali languages that did cause a few ripples among the fans when Chris says “Proman Dao” four times in a space of 15 seconds. We have aggregated some additional dialogues and Extraction meme templates which might come in handy for the fans.

Check out the Latest Extraction Meme Templates:

1. Bahut Chalu Maal Tumi – Amir Asif

chalu maal tumi extraction meme template

2. Chicken In Your Bathrooom – Nik Khan

chicken in bathroom extraction meme template

3. Do Exactly As I Say – Tyler Rake

do exactly as I say extraction meme template

4. Tyler Fights Amir’s Goons

extraction fight meme template

5. Welcome To Dhaka – Amir’s Goon

Extraction Movie Meme Templates

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6. Hum Negotiate Karenge – Saju Rav

hum negoatiate karenge extraction meme template

7. Sometimes I Do Other Things – Tyler

I do other things extraction meme template

8. I Know It Looks Bad – Gaspar

It looks bad extraction meme template

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