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I Believe In Supremacy – Meme Template

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I Believe In Supremacy Meme Template on BDSM
I Believe In Supremacy – Meme Template

The I believe in supremacy meme originates from an online community-based in Nohfelden in Saarland, KWICK! and a Dutch virtual community, Partyflock. Although the exact date of the origin is unclear, as per the above two social networking communities – the image was shared multiple times between 2007 to 2008.

The image was first shared on KWICK! (deleted) on February 6, 2006 and later the first macro was posted by PartyFlock user Iris with the text “Girls make the Rules!” on March 4, 2008.


The vector depicts a Silhouette of a woman in high heels making an authoritative gesture towards a man bowing down on his knees. The updated version of the meme features the same image with the text altered to read the phrasal template I Believe In X Supremacy.


After the first circulation, the image spread among the adult websites and communities. 7 years on, an updated macro version started spreading with the text “I am a male who believes in FEMALE SUPREMACY” and was found as a Facebook page’s profile picture. On March 20th 2016, it was posted on an adult Tumblr blog submale which was later deactivated.

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