99 Best Deez Nuts Jokes to Set Up Your Friends

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Jessica Amlee


Deez Nuts Jokes are the punchlines of setup jokes in which someone is asked a vaguely stated question in order to generate a follow-up question in response. Welven Harris, often known as Welven Da Great or The Deez Nuts Guy, was born with mental and physical disabilities in May 1988. He is currently 34 years old and will be 35 on May 31, 2023. He was born in Long Beach, California, but now resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Deez Nuts phenomenon began when Welven Da Great uploaded his prank “Deez Nuts” to YouTube on March 31, 2015.

Deez Nuts Guy

Within a few days, it became viral, and most people were taken aback by the joke. He was only 27 years old at the time, but he is now world-famous for inventing one of the greatest online jokes in history. Later, he was invited to several TV and radio shows.

Now that you know about the origin of Deez Jokes, let’s move on to some of the great Deez Nuts ideas and setup.

Funny Deez Nuts Jokes

Let’s start with some of the popular ones.

Saw Con

You: Do you guys know saw-con? 

They: No. Is it a movie?

You: Really? No!

They: What is it?

You: Saw con Deez nuts.

It is used to describe a hypothetical event called “Saw Con” or “Sawcon” in order to entice readers to inquire about the event with the punchline that sounds like “suck on.”


You: Did you have fun with bofa last night?

Them: Who?

You: Bofa Deez nuts.

It sounds like a person that should lure the person into inquiring about it, for you to drop the punchline that sounds like “Both of.”


You: I have some extra albums, would you like two CDs?

Them: Yeah sure, thanks!

You: To See Deez Nuts.

This one is pretty difficult to set up but would make sense to try with someone who is into CD collection and stuff. The word “CDs” sounds like “See Deez.”

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You: Have you met my friend Philip?

Them: Philip, who?

You: Philip on Deez Nuts.

This set-up is only possible if you have a friend Philip or someone with whom all of you people are familiar. The punchline sounds like “fill up.”

Similarly, instead of Philips, you can use Lucas which sounds like “Look at.”

Chef Boyardee

What’s the pasta company whose name starts with chef something?

Them: You mean Chef Boyardee?

You: Chef Boy-Are-Deez nuts tasty!

This one is difficult for people to see it coming unless they have tried it on someone else.


You: Hey, you are more of a McDonald’s or Burger King kinda guy?

Them: Burger King. Why?

You: No reason. Do you like Wendy’s?

Them: Not really. Why?

You: Because you will love wendy’s nuts hit your face.

In the punchline, it sounds more like “When Deez.” This type is suited if your friend is a foodie since most people are familiar with fast food restaurant.

Imagine Dragons

You: Can I ask about your musical tastes?

They: I like country or pop.

You: Pop? You like Imagine Dragons?

They: Yeah.

You: Imagine Draggin deez nuts across your face.

This punchline is suited when you are getting to know someone and drop it in so that it does not seem like an interview. 

Parody Songs

You: Do you like parody songs?

Them: Yeah… sometimes.

You: Well then how’d you like a parody nuts enya mouth?!

The punchline sounds like “a pair of these nuts.” It is pretty easy to set up for kids and adults who love to watch parody songs and videos.


You: I have got a rare case of OCDs so I excessively tend to be orderly.

Them: Yeah?

You: Yeah, OCDs Deez Nuts in your mouth.

The punchline sounds like “Oh see these nuts.” Pretty easy to set up when you meet someone in a place where you can sit together like a class or restaurant.


You: You like those flowers, tulips?

Them: Yeah.

You: Yeah? Tulips on Deez Nuts.

The punchline sounds like “Two lips on these nuts.” Pretty easy to set up when with girls or people who appreciate the beauty of flowers.

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Stun Seeds

You: What is stun seeds backwards?

Them: Ummm…!

You (interrupting): Oh! Don’t do that, it’s Dees Nuts!

These ones are suited to use against nerds. You can try encouraging them with some short serious ones upfront and once they answer two or three words backwards, surprise them with this.


You: Do you like lions in the zoo?

Them: Yes, I have seen them.

You: Because I like lion Deez Nuts in your mouth.

The punchline sounds like “lying Deez nuts in your mouth.” It suits those who are adventurers or globetrotters.

Sea Of Thieves

You: You play online games?

They: Yes.

You: Have you played this game Sea of thieves?

They: No.

You: Well, you should see if Deez Nuts figure out!

Easy to set up and best suited for people with whom you play online games.


Roses are red,

Covid is worse than the flu,

How about I quarantine Deez Nuts inside of you?

Each one of us has a friend who loves writing or listening to poems. Well, go ahead and show them your new creation!


You: Have you heard about ligma?

Them: No, what is it?

You: Ligma put Deez Nuts in your mouth.

Ligma is a fictitious disease and internet hoax that was blamed for the death of popular Fortnite video game streamer Ninja. You might want to try it if your friend isn’t aware of this story.


You: Hello! How are you?

They: Hi, I am good. What’s your name?

You: Deez.

They: Deez, what?

You: Deez Nuts.

This one is easy to execute but already known to a lot of people.


You: Do you like philosophy?

They: Philosophy..uh.

You (interrupting): Yeah, you can feel how soft Deez Nuts are!

Again one of those who you can slap on the face of your nerd friends.


You: When you go to the movies – do you like popcorn or candies?

They: Candies.

You: Candies nuts fit in your mouth?

The punchline sounds like “Can Deez Nuts fit in your mouth?” Well suited for the ones who are moviegoers and appreciate cinema.

Knock Knock

You: Knock Knock.

They: Who’s there?

You: It’s your boy, Dee.

They: Dee, who?

You: Deez nuts.


You: How do cowboys say “howdy?”

Them: How?

You: How does deez nuts taste?


You: Have you ever been to Kenya?

Them: No.

You: Can you put Deez nuts in your mouth?

Yes in Spanish

You: How do you say ‘yes’ in Spanish?

They: How?

You: ‘Si’ Deez nuts.

Four Times Two

You: What is four times two?

They: Eight.

You: Eight (ate) Deez Nuts!


You: You know what rabbits, do?

They: What?

You: The hop. Hop on Deez Nuts.


You: Hey man, you’re leaving?

They: Leaving what?

You: Leaving Deez Nuts in your mouth?


You: Excuse me but do you like pudding?

They: Yes, of course.

You: Well how about pudding Deez nuts in your mouth?!


You: I think you should be a Goblin this Halloween.

They: A goblin? Why is that?

You: Goblin deez Nuts.


You: Did you hear about what happened in Norway?

They: No. What happened?

You: Norway Deez nuts can fit in your mouth.


You: Did you hear about the guy that got caught dipping his testicles in glitter?

They: No…

You: Pretty nuts.

One Direction

You: Do you like one direction?

They: yeah.

You: Cause the only direction Deez Nuts are going is in yo mouth!

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You: You ever been to Chewons?

Me: What’s Chewons?

You: Chew on Deez Nuts!


You: You saw that hot new exchange student?

They: Nah what’s her name?

You: Feelon.

They: Feelon what?

You: Feelon Dezzz Nutsss!


You: Hey, have you seen Neil Lichty?

They: Who the **** is Neil Lichty?

You: Kneel (Neil) and Lick Deeez Nuuuuuts!!!!


You: Hey, have you seen Barry?

They: Barry Who?

You: Barry Deez Nuts in your ass.

Sergeant Botha

You: Have you talked to Sergeant Botha?

They: Sergeant Botha?

You: Botha Deez Nuts in your mouth.

Colonel Craven

You: Have you talked to Colonel Craven?

They: Colonel Craven who?

You: You’ve been craven Deez Nuts down your throat.

Lei Tung

You: Hey did you check out that new Chinese chick, Lei Tung?

They: Lei Tung who?

You: How about you Lei your Tung on Deez Nuts?!


You: Al-Sheiki called for you.

They: Al-Sheiki who?

You: Al-Sheiki Deez Nuts on your face!


You: Do you have any diesel over there?

They: Diesel?

You: Yeah, Deez ol big nuts!


You: Hey, are you from Sugondese?

They: What is Sugondese?

You: Sugondese nuts.


You: Do you know Eton?

They: No, who is Eton?

You: Eton Deez Nuts.


You: What is Hamood spelt backwards?

They: Doomah.

You: Doomah nuts fit in yo mouth.

Dog training

You: What is the easiest command you can teach your dog?

They: I don’t know. Maybe roll over.

You: Rol-ova Deez Nuts.


You: I am so sick of this. This sucks.

They: What sucks?

You: You suck on Deez Nuts.


You: Do you know about Ken?

They: No, Ken who?

You: Can Deez Nuts fit in your mouth?


You: Hey, do you smell that?

They: Nope. What does it smell like?

You: It smells like Deez Nuts!


You: Don’t sit on that?

They: Sit on what?

You: Sit on Deez Nuts!


You: Do you sell, foshake?

They: Foshake? I don’t think so.

You: Foshake Deez Nuts!

Film Plot

You: Did you like the plot in this film?

They: Nah, I believe we can come up with a better one.

You: So you want to come and film Deez Nuts!


You: Do you like boats?

They: Yes.

You: What is your favorite type of boat?

They: I like fishing boats.

You: How about tugboats?

They: They are powerful.

You: Tug on Deez Nuts!


You: Do you like going to expos?

They: Yeah, I do.

You: Expose Deez Nuts!

Walt Disney

You: Do you know who is the pioneer of cartoon films?

They: Who?

You: Walt Deez Nutz!

Hanging Out

You: You won’t believe whom I saw hanging out after class?

They: Who?

You: Deez Nuts.


You: Hey! Did you hear about Justin?

They: Justin, who?

You: Just in time for Deez Nuts.


You: Why are B and C afraid of D?

They: Why?

You: Because of Deez Nuts!


You: Do you know about Landon?

They: Who? What?

You: Slip, fall then landon Deez Nuts.


You: Did you hear about Willya?

They: Willya?

They: Willya put Deez Nuts across your face.


You: You won’t believe it, they have been together for 30 years (your age).

They: Who?

You: Deez Nuts.

Dunkin’ Donuts

You: Which is your favorite Doughnut Chain in America?

They: Maybe, I like Dunkin’ Donuts.

You: Then I’ll be dunkin’ Deez Nuts in your mouth!


You: Did you hear about the e10 store?

They: Nah, where?

You: E10 Deez Nuts!



You: Do you want to have some of my goodies?

They: What have you got?

You: A bag of good Deez Nuts.

Vanessa Paradis

You: Don’t you adore Vanessa Paradis?

They: Yeah, I do.

You: How about a pair of Deez Nuts.


You: Did you hear about Putin’s latest speech?

They: Yes, of course.

You: Well, put in Deez Nuts.

Some Of These

You: Hey, I think you could use some of these.

They: What?

You: Some of Deez Nuts.

Difficulty in Talking

You: You know, it is difficult to talk about it, nowadays.

They: Talk about what?

You: Deez Nuts in your mouth.

Gone Girl

You: Have you ever watched the film “Girl Gone?”

They: No.

You: No? Probably because your Girl Gone on Deez Nuts!


You: We should soak these.

They: Soak what, exactly?

You: Soak Deez Nuts.

Wipe Sumo

You: have you ever played wipe sumo?

Them: What’s wipe sumo?

You: I’m sorry little one… wipe sumo Deez nuts across your face!


You: Have you heard what happened to Myra?

Them: Who the fcuk is Myra?

You: My right nut.


You: Hey, anyone want a smoko?

Them: What’s a smoko?

You: Smoko Deez Nuts!


You: Have you tried the new flavor of kombucha called Nutty Bucha?

Them: No, what’s Nutty Bucha?

You: It’s when you Kombucha Deez Nuts into your drink!


You: Hey, you heard of slawbunnies?

Them: What’s a slawbunny?

You: Slawbunnies nuts.


You: Have you tried the new Greek dish called Tipidis?

Them: No, what’s Tipidis?

You: It’s when you take a bite from the tip of Deez Nuts!


You: I saw you dancing yesterday.

Them: What? You saw me dancing where?

You: You were at a club. I saw your hoodie.

Them: Which hoodie?

You: Who Deez Nuts!


You: Do you know the other name for Native Americans?

Them: Do you mean Indians?

You: I mean In Deez Nuts!

Hanging Out

You: Hey man! You will never guess who I saw hanging out together.

Them: Who?

You: Deez Nuts!


You: Damn, can you imagine I got diagnosed with SDN?

Them: What’s SDN?

You: Suck Deez Nuts.

Jimmy Fallon

You: You won’t guess what Jimmy Fallon did?

Them: No, what?

You: He did Fallon Deez Nuts.


You: Hey, do you remember our friend Eaton in Highschool?

Them: Eaton? Umm, no, why?

You: Well, he did Eaton Deez nuts!


You: Hey, have you heard of the new game called Jergma?

Them: No, what’s Jergma?

You: Jergma Deez Nuts!


You: Are you any good at fitness?

Them: What do you mean?

You: Fitting this dick up your a$$ lmao!

Lee Gandhi

You: Did you hear of Lee Gandhi?

Them: Who’s that?

You: Lee Gandhi’s nuts!

Taygahloo Cats

You: Hey have you played Taygahloo Cats?

Them: What’s Taygahloo Cats?

You: Tay-Gah-Loo Cats deez nuts!


You: Did you hear about Johan?

Them: What’s Johan?

You: Johan gonna be on my nuts tonight!


You: Have you heard about Waidon?

Them: Uhh, no, what is it?

You: Waidon you suck on deez nuts!


You: Does your car have Dipmatic shifting?

Them: What’s that?

You: Dipmatic in yo throat!


Them: This song is great, who made it!

You: Hava, you remember them, right?”

Them: No, who’s Hava!

You: Hava taste of theze nutzz!

King DeDeDe

You: What’s that one penguin from Kirby?

Them: You mean King DeDeDe?

You: Putting dededeez nuts in ur mouth


You: Do you prefer e-girls or I-ladies?

Them: I-ladies?

You: I-ladies nuts on your face!


You: It’s been a long time since we last went out with Heidi.

Them: Is that an old friend? I don’t know Heidi.

You: No, but you can hide deez nuts!


You: Oh you drive a dodge?

Them: No. what’s that?

You: Try dodging deez nuts


You: Hope died.

Them: Hope who?

You: Hope deez nuts can fit in yo mouth.


You: Do you want to rent a sloop for today?

Them: Umm what?

You: Sloop on deez nuts!


You: You like beef stroganoff?

They: No, come again?

You: Stroganoff this d*ck.


You: Hey, wanna play catch?

Them: Sure!

You: Great, let’s ball on deez nuts! 


You: Are you a good dancer?

Them: I like to think so!

You: Well then, you should try your moves on deez nuts! 


You: What’s the best way to win a race?

Them: Train hard and run your fastest.

You: You’re slow! The best way is to trip the other runners and yell “Deez nuts are passing you!”


You: What type of snack does Hades prefer?

They: Don’t know.

You: Hey Deez Nuts!

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Jessica Amlee, born in 1996 in Laughlin, Nevada, is a delightful humorist and joke writer with a penchant for puns. She studied at Emerson College, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Comedy. Jessica's comedic style combines snappy one-liners and observational humor, making her a rising star in the world of comedy.

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