50 Funny Ligma Style Jokes Inspired by the Internet Meme

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Ligma is a fictional disease and internet hoax that gained popularity as a humorous meme in 2018. It is often used in wordplay jokes, where the punchline relies on a play of words that sound like a vulgar phrase or innuendo when spoken aloud. The joke typically begins with a statement about Ligma, prompting an unsuspecting person to ask, “What is Ligma?” In response, the prankster reveals the punchline, often as a suggestive phrase such as “Ligma (lick my) balls.”

The Ligma joke gained considerable attention when it was falsely claimed that the popular Fortnite video game streamer Ninja had passed away from the made-up disease. As a result, the Ligma meme quickly spread across social media platforms, with many users creating variations and spin-offs of the original joke.

This blog is dedicated to exploring the world of Ligma-style jokes. These spin-offs often employ a similar structure, incorporating words or phrases that, when spoken aloud, sound like colloquial or slang expressions. The humor in these jokes comes from the unexpected and often absurd twist that the punchline provides. While Ligma and its variants are meant to be light-hearted and playful, it is essential to remember that some people may find them offensive or inappropriate. That is why we have tried to share these jokes in a respectful manner and to be mindful of the audience’s sensibilities but we have left room for creativity.

Best Ligma Jokes

Have you tried the new Sugma dessert?
(What’s Sugma?)
Sugma (suck my) lollipop!

Yo bro I won a pound!
(Oh cool, a pound of what?)
I won a pound your mom goteem!

Are you familiar with the Bofa bank?
(What’s Bofa?)
Bofa (both of) these banks are merging!

Did you hear about the Gropa dance?
(What’s Gropa?)
Gropa (grab a) partner and dance!

Have you tasted the Chokonma chocolate?
(What’s Chokonma?)
Chokonma (choke on my) delicious brownies!

Have you read the Mipha book?
(What’s Mipha?)
Mipha (my favorite) book is a best-seller!

Did you know about the Fondalma sculpture?
(What’s Fondalma?)
Fondalma (fondle my) clay creation, it’s so smooth!

Have you seen the new Figma movie?
(What’s Figma?)
Figma (fix my) TV, and we can watch it together!

Do you know about the Yupta trend?
(What’s Yupta?)
Yupta (you have to) try it to find out!

Have you tried the new Candis candy?
(What’s Candis?)
Candis (can this) candy be any sweeter?

Did you hear about the Kisma festival?
(What’s Kisma?)
Kisma (kiss my) hand, and I’ll tell you more!

Have you seen the Stigma movie?
(What’s Stigma?)
Stigma (stick my) popcorn in the microwave, let’s watch together!

Have you seen the amazing Ruta plant?
(What’s Ruta?)
Ruta (root a) new plant in your garden!

Did you hear about the Tugunma sport?
(What’s Tugunma?)
Tugunma (tug on my) rope, it’s time for a game of tug-of-war!

Did you know about the Tupa cloud?
(What’s Tupa?)
Tupa (type a) message, and it’s stored in the cloud!

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Have you tried the Slobonma drink?
(What’s Slobonma?)
Slobonma (slobber on my) ice cream, it’s melting!

Have you tried the new Eedma food?
(What’s Eedma?)
Eedma (eat my) homemade pizza!

Did you know about the Cupma trick?
(What’s Cupma?)
Cupma (cup my) hands, let’s catch some raindrops!

Have you seen the Nibelma creature?
(What’s Nibelma?)
Nibelma (nibble on my) snacks, they’re tasty!

Did you hear about the Tipima dance?
(What’s Tipima?)
Tipima (tip my) hat, let’s start dancing!

Have you seen the new Boma dance move?
(What’s Boma?)
Boma (bump my) fist for good luck!

Have you heard about the Ligondese fruit?
(What’s Ligondese?)
Ligondese (lick on these) popsicles, they’re so refreshing!

Did you know about the Dragondese creature?
(What’s Dragondese?)
Dragondese (dragon these) toys, my pet loves to play with them!

Did you know about the Nuddinyore fashion trend?
(What’s Nuddinyore?)
Nuddinyore (nude in your) pajamas, it’s the new comfy style!

Did you know about the Poma fruit?
(What’s Poma?)
Poma (palm of) my hand is where I hold this fruit!

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Have you tasted the Sugondese dessert?
(What’s Sugondese?)
Sugondese (sugar on these) donuts, they’re delicious!

Have you tried the new Grafa recipe?
(What’s Grafa?)
Grafa (grab a) fork and taste it!

Did you hear about the Rubondese dance?
(What’s Rubondese?)
Rubondese (rub on these) balloons, let’s make some static!

Did you hear about the Zuppa trend?
(What’s Zuppa?)
Zuppa (soup up) your car for better performance!

Did you know about the Rydon exercise?
(What’s Rydon?)
Rydon (ride on) a bike, it’s a great workout!

Have you seen the Fula show?
(What’s Fula?)
Fula (full of) laughter and entertainment!

Did you hear about the Sloberon pet?
(What’s Sloberon?)
Sloberon (slobber on) this bone, my dog loves it!

Did you know about the Woma weather phenomenon?
(What’s Woma?)
Woma (warm up) your coat, it’s going to be chilly!

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Have you seen the Tipodiss show?
(What’s Tipodiss?)
Tipodiss (tip of this) iceberg, there’s so much more to explore!

Have you tried the new Hupla game?
(What’s Hupla?)
Hupla (hop on) one foot and try to win!

Did you know about the Gulpin drink?
(What’s Gulpin?)
Gulpin (gulp in) this smoothie, it’s so refreshing!

Did you hear about the Kopa event?
(What’s Kopa?)
Kopa (cope with) the excitement, it’s going to be amazing!

Have you seen the new Rada gadget?
(What’s Rada?)
Rada (rather) not tell, it’s a surprise!

Have you heard about the Moba style?
(What’s Moba?)
Moba (move over) and make room for the new trend!

Did you see the new Yoma meme?
(What’s Yoma?)
Yoma (you might) want to check it out, it’s hilarious!

Have you tried the new Sapa drink?
(What’s Sapa?)
Sapa (slap a) straw in it and enjoy!

Did you hear about the Faba beans?
(What’s Faba?)
Faba (favor) these beans, they’re delicious!

Have you seen the new Duma car?
(What’s Duma?)
Duma (zoom out) on the road with this fast ride!

Did you know about the Peta event?
(What’s Peta?)
Peta (pet a) dog at the local adoption fair!

Have you tried the new Vuba dance?
(What’s Vuba?)
Vuba (vibe up) and get your groove on!

Did you hear about the Nema challenge?
(What’s Nema?)
Nema (name a) song and try to guess the lyrics!

Have you tried the new Fugma technique?
(What’s Fugma?)
Fugma (fog my) glasses, it’s so humid outside!

Do you have other funny variants of the Ligma joke? Post your own ligma like puns in the comment section below!

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