30 Funny Solar Eclipse Jokes to Brighten Your Day

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A solar eclipse is one of Mother Nature’s grandest spectacles, an awe-inspiring celestial event where the moon cunningly slides between the Earth and the sun, temporarily dimming our star’s radiant glow. This astral ballet is more than just an astronomical phenomenon; it’s a moment when day briefly turns to twilight, bringing with it a mysterious, almost magical atmosphere. Birds retreat to their nests, the temperature drops, and for those few minutes, the world seems to hush as the sun’s corona shimmers in a hauntingly beautiful halo around the shadow of the moon.

As majestic as solar eclipses are, there’s always room to lighten the mood with some sun-sational humor. Why did the sun go to school? To get a little brighter before the eclipse! Or how about this: Why did the moon feel guilty after the solar eclipse? It knew it was just a phase, but it still overshadowed the sun! These jokes, like a solar eclipse, might be a rare find, but they sure do cast a shadow of joy on our faces. It’s amazing how even the most profound of nature’s displays can inspire a giggle or two, proving once again that the universe indeed has a sense of humor!

Best Solar Eclipse Jokes

Son: Dad can you explain to me what a solar eclipse is?
Dad: No sun.

A solar eclipse is when the moon is between the Earth and the Sun. A lunar eclipse is when the earth is between the Moon and the Sun. What’s it called when the sun is between the moon and the earth?
The apocalypse.

Why aren’t teachers letting their students out to see the solar eclipse today?
They don’t want to hurt their pupils

How is a solar eclipse like a woman breastfeeding?
It’s beautiful, it’s natural, it should be celebrated, but that still doesn’t mean you should stare at it.

According to NASA, in 600 million years, the moon’s orbit will have increased enough that total solar eclipses will no longer be possible.
After that point, the only total eclipses will be lunar and ‘of the heart’.

What do you see, when you hold a bottle of Mexican beer towards the sun during a solar eclipse?

Yo mama so fat, when she went skydiving, she caused an eclipse.

Did you hear about the seller who made a couple of bucks selling fake eclipse glasses?
He’s not too worried though, he says, “Those suckers will never see me again.”

How does the sun cut his hair?
Eclipse it.

Why can’t Java programmers see well?
Because of the eclipse.

How do you take a picture of an eclipse without a camera?
Stare at it for 30 seconds.

Why does everyone care about the eclipse?
Probably because it’s significance is astronomical.

What do people who make memes and solar eclipses over the US have in common?
It takes them both 38 years to go all the way.

Why did the sun go to school?
To brighten its eclipse!

What did the sun say to the moon during the solar eclipse?
“Looks like it’s my turn to shine!”

Why did the moon feel guilty after the solar eclipse?
It thought it might have thrown some shade!

What’s the sun’s favorite game during an eclipse?
Hide and seek!

How do solar astronomers organize a party?
They planet with an eclipse!

Why was the sun so proud on the day of the solar eclipse?
It was the star of the show!

What did the sun say to the moon on the day of the solar eclipse?
“You think you can block me? Just a phase you’re going through!”

Why was the computer cold during the solar eclipse?
It had too many bytes and not enough sun!

Yo mama so fat, there’s a sun eclipse whenever she’s near the windows.

What did the teacher say after the solar eclipse?
“Looks like the moon finished its homework, it covered the sun perfectly!”

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Why did Lord Voldemort watch the eclipse?
To practice the dark arts.

What did the sun say to the moon on the day of the solar eclipse?
“Looks like it’s my night off.”

What did the sun say when it reappeared after solar eclipse?
“Pleased to heat you again.”

Why is the solar eclipse like your sex life?
It will be dark, hurt your eyes, and only last 2 minutes!

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