Aao Kabhi Haveli Pe – Meme Template

Aao Kabhi Haveli Pe Meme Template on Amrish Puri
Aao Kabhi Haveli Pe – Meme Template

The Aao kabhi haveli pe meme originates from the 1994 Indian Hindi film Dilwale. In the Bollywood movie, Mama Thakur (the character played by Paresh Rawal) says this dialogue to Vikram Singh (the character played by Suniel Shetty) after the latter was asked to report to the police station regarding the killing of Natwar Lal Yadav (the character played by Avtaar Gill). Later, Mama Thakur tries to humiliate Vikram after asking him to accept a bribe by instructing him to come to his mansion. Meanwhile, the image is a still of Amrish Puri (the character of Bhairon Nath) from the 1986 Bollywood movie Nagina. The spread of the meme started somewhere in the first week of April 2017 on microblogging and social networking website Twitter. The English translation of Aao kabhi haveli pe is come sometime on the mansion. The popular use of Aao kabhi haveli pe meme is to mock someone who is trying to be a smart ass.

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