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Babe Please Stop – Meme Template

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Babe Please Stop Meme Template on Crying Aya Asagiri
Babe Please Stop – Meme Template

The Babe Please Stop meme originates from Chapter 103 of Kentarō Satō’s magical girl manga series (Mahō Shōjo Saito), written and illustrated in Japanese depicts the main protagonist Aya Asagiri crying. One of its variations that became popular shows a crying Aya Asagiri trying to refrain Yes Chad only to be ignored by the latter. The meme became popular in mid-October on social media platforms like Reddit and Facebook.


On October 18, 2020, Redditor u/VeryFirstRedditor shared the first known meme on the platform in the subreddit r/dankmemes. The post received more than 21k upvotes within a week. A few hours later, the Facebook page Killer Queen’s shitposting time posted another meme using the template.

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