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Biden Falls Off Bike – Meme Template

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Biden Falls Off Bike Meme Template on Joe Biden
Biden Falls Off Bike – Meme Template

The Biden Falls Off Bike meme is an exploitable image macro series depicting 46th and then president of the United States Joe Biden falling off his bike on the morning of Saturday, June 18th, 2022. The 79-year-old was unhurt during the incident while riding his bicycle near his beach home in the state of Delaware. 


The Twitter user @SaintlyNFT shared the blank meme template on June 18th, 2022 with the caption “I’ve got a meme template of Biden falling off his bike, who can do something funny with it?” Couple of hours later, Reddit user u/Infinite_Weekend_909 posted the meme on the subreddit /r/MemeEconomy.

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