Flying Beast – Meme Template

Flying Beast meme template on running Gaurav Taneja
Flying Beast – Meme Template

The Flying Beast meme originates from 27 March 2017 when Instagram user Gaurav Taneja posted the picture of him running to promote Wulfram Athletics. On 20 August 2020, people started using the screenshot of the picture from his YouTube channel profile picture. Others followed the suit and soon it became a meme trend due to its resemblance to a western meme trend called “Running Arnold Schwarzenegger.”

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  1. Lol i was the guy that posted the template on r/saimansays and r/desimemetemplates before it started getting used a lot

    Reddit: u/Ohm1234K
    I had posted 2 templates the older one i deleted and created a new one with the same background as running arnold

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