Pyaari Samajh Gayi – Meme Template

Pyaari Samajh Gayi meme template of an Indian aunty
Pyaari Samajh Gayi – Meme Template

The origin of the Pyaari Samajh Gayi meme dates back to 11th March 2020 when ScoopWhoop Unscripted uploaded a YouTube video titled “How To Prevent Coronavirus Ft. Aunties and Uncles.” In the video, the Indian aunties and uncles spoke about the virus COVID-19, its emergence and increasing number of cases in the capital city of India. The most hilarious section of the video was when they shared their knowledge and measures to avoid getting infected from the deadly virus. Among the interviewees, an old lady declared that going for a 2-hour morning walk in a park and Satsang in the evening might just keep the virus away from her. Of course, both we and the interviewer know that the measures she just mentioned are an absolute “don’t” in the pandemic situation. When enquired if she thought that by going to Satsang, she might keep the virus at bay, the lady exclaimed, “Ayye, pyaari samajh gayi, hahaha…!” The popular use of Pyaari Samajh Gayi meme is to mock an ignorant girl/woman.

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