Utsav Ki Taiyari Karo – Meme Template

Utsav Ki Taiyari Karo meme template of Baahubali 2
Utsav Ki Taiyari Karo – Meme Template

The Utsav Ki Taiyari Karo meme originates from the 2017 Indian film Baahubali 2: The Conclusion. In this Tollywood movie, one of the commoners says this dialogue (Hindi dubbed) when Amarendra and Devasena are banished from the royal palace for committing royal treachery. On their way out of the palace, they are greeted by the people of Mahishmati when one of them tries to cheer the others asking them to view it as an opportunity to live with the gods and celebrate. The popular use of this Utsav Ki Taiyari Karo meme is to take a jibe at someone’s happiness.

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