25 Botox Memes For Long-Lasting Laughs

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Botox is a brand name of which there are several different companies. The actual chemical is called Botulinum Toxin Type A which is derived from Clostridium bacteria. So, it is a toxin but it’s been repurposed so that it doesn’t actually cause harm to your skin or your body. It works at your neuromuscular synapse to prevent the release of acetylcholine which is a chief neurotransmitter of the parasympathetic nervous system that helps your muscles contract. When you administer Botox acetylcholine, transmission is halted and you can’t contract those muscles to make wrinkles anymore. As you know that we believe laughter is the best medicine, hence, we have created the best Botox Memes for you.

Practitioners in dermatology have done multiple pieces of research to ensure its safety but the only real side effects that you might experience are some injection site reactions, a little bit of bruising, and temporary swelling. Otherwise, the pain during the injection procedure is similar to a mosquito bite. It usually lasts about three to four months which means that it does require repeated office visits. The positive aspect of this is if you’re not happy with Botox and it’s not for you it’s not there forever. Let’s now head onto the funny memes.

Funny Botox Memes

1. Botox kicks in!

When Your Botox Kicks In Meme

2. As smooth as the forehead.

Smooth Forehead Meme on Botox

3. How much is enough?

Lip Filler Meme on Girls

4. Is Botox like online dating?

Funny Botox Quote on Dating

5. Grandmas are the best!

Funny Botox Meme on Princess

6. Diamonds frowning upon Botox!

Diamond Meme on Fillers and Botox

7. The cheap ones get you a role on GOT.

Cheap Botox Meme on Melisandre

8. You know if you know!

Botulinum Toxin Type A vs Type H Meme

9. So alive, is it coffee or botox?

Botox Wearing Off Meme

10. Well, something to worry about!

Botox Relationship Meme

11. That period of time!

Botox Pregnancy Meme

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12. Money can’t make you look younger, unless you use it to buy botox.

Botox Plastic Surgery Meme

13. What have I missed?

Botox Operation Meme

14. Use sausage instead!

Botox Meme on Sausage

15. Remember the time you told me that I don’t need it, actually…!

Botox Meme on Kylie Jenner

16. Women’s minds.

Botox Meme on Kim Kardashian

17. Glad it didn’t make it to the headlines!

Botox Meme on Charlie Sheen

18. First, let’s decide if we need you!

Botox Husband Meme

19. Botox is not just for humans anymore!

Botox Face Meme on Dog

20. And nobody raises an eyebrow.

Botox Effect On Face Meme

21. Poke ‘er face!

Botox Deal Meme

22. That’s soil pollution!

Botox Celebrity Meme

23. Late appointments!

Botox Appointment Meme

24. That fake friend!

Best Botox Meme on Friend

25. Beauty sleep is only for people who can’t afford Botox!

Beauty Sleep Meme

Lip fillers and injectables are increasingly routine for men, women, and celebrities. So, if you’re thinking about getting one to build your confidence, go ahead! Many probably wouldn’t notice unless you told them.

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