50 Best Mother’s Day Memes To Send Your Mom This Year

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The beautiful bond of love shared between kids and mothers is honored and celebrated on Mother’s Day. While versions of the day are celebrated worldwide, traditions vary depending on the country. In Thailand, for example, it is always celebrated in August on the birthday of the current queen. In the UK, it is always celebrated 3 weeks before Easter. This year, International Mother’s Day falls on May 14th, 2023 so we have decided to honor the bond by creating some Mother’s Day memes to make her laugh this Sunday. But before that, let’s learn about the history of this day.

Celebrations date back to ancient Greece and Rome when festivals were performed in honor of the mother deities. The present Mother’s Day, as observed in the United States, has its roots in the nineteenth century. In 1900 in the US, before the Civil War Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis, a social activist started groups like the ‘Mothers’ Day Work Clubs’ that helped the local women take care of their children Later, these clubs came together and did many peacekeeping activities. But the actual Mother’s Day did not come about till after 1905, even when Ann passed away. 3 years later, her daughter Anna Maria Jarvis decided to celebrate Mother’s Day as a way to celebrate the sacrifices moms make for their children. On May 10, 1908, she had a huge celebration with thousands of people joining. By 1912, everybody was celebrating the Mother’s Day we know today.

People began to celebrate Mother’s Day with a lot of fanfare as the years passed, but many forgot that the celebration was about recognizing and honoring the many sacrifices mothers make for their children, not simply about gifts and treats. Anna Reeves Jarvis spent the rest of her life urging people to drop the show and pomp around the festival. She fought against marketing influences that overshadowed her original message. In her struggles, she didn’t even marry and dedicated herself to the cause completely in honor of lovely mothers all around the world. Now, that we know about the origins of this day, let’s take a look at some of the best Mother’s Day memes.

Funny Mother’s Day Memes

So we’ve scoured the internet for the funniest memes about moms, motherhood, and Mother’s Day, so you’ll have the best-curated collection of memes and funny images to choose from to send your mother, aunt, in-laws, or any relative whom you adore.

Happy Mother’s Day Memes

These images are for you to wish “Happy Mother’s Day!”

1. One meme for the feminists.

Happy Mothers Day Meme on Feminists

2. That awkward moment on Mother’s Day.

Happy Mothers Day Meme on Awkward

3. That is a cute message from the baby.

Happy Mothers Day Meme from baby

4. You are my favorite mother-in-law so far.

Mothers Day Meme on Mother In Law

5. Gifts for mothers and in-laws.

Happy Mothers Day Meme on Mother In Law

6. You are the GOAT, lady!

Happy Mothers Day meme on Goat

7. A beautiful message to all mothers on earth and up in heaven.

Happy Mothers Day To All Moms Meme

8. The perfect meme for sister-in-law.

Happy Mothers Day Meme on Sister-In-law

9. Let’s make new mistakes, sis.

Happy Mothers Day Meme on Sister

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Mother’s Day Memes from Friends

Below are some hilarious images that you can send on WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook to your friends who are mothers.

10. Happy first Mother’s Day.

Happy First Mothers Day Meme for Friend

11. This is so relatable.

Funny Mothers Day Meme on Deluxe Starter Pack

12. Kids on Mother’s Day.

Funny Meme on Mothers Day

13. Awwww!

Sweet Mothers Day Meme

14. That’s still sweet!

Funny Mothers Day Meme on Toast

15. Back to square one.

Mothers Day is Over Meme

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16. Try being a stepmother.

Mothers Day Meme on Stepmother

17. The late Sunday brunch!

Mothers Day Meme on Brunch

18. The story after Sunday.

Mothers Day Meme on Kris Jenner

19. Moms covered in flowers.

Mothers Day Meme on Flower

20. The day spent sleeping by some.

Mothers Day Meme for friends

21. Please get out!

Funny Mothers Day Meme on Flowers

22. Mother’s Day Gift Starter!

Mother's Day Gift Meme

Mother’s Day Memes from Daughters

These amusing images are for daughters to wish their mothers.

23. Oh! Wow!

Mothers Day Cute Meme

24. Mom after seeing the funniest meme.

Funny Mother Day Meme

25. Ask your grandma, daughter.

Funny Mothers Day Meme from Daughter

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26. Daughters are so caring!

Mothers Day Card Meme

27. Like mother, like daughter!

Like Mother Like Daughter Meme

28. Sleep and be left alone!

Mothers Day Meme for Daughter

Mother’s Day Memes from Son

These comical images are for sons to wish their mothers.

29. There is food in the house, though.

Funny Mothers Day Meme on Mom

30. That reaction!

Funny Mothers Day Meme on Mom

31. Thank you for the milk, mum!

Mothers Day Meme on Son

32. But why?

Mothers Day Meme on Drinking Wine

33. Such a nice son!

Mothers Day Meme on Jason Voorhees

34. Happy Mother’s Day!

Cringe Mothers Day Meme on Norman Bates

Mother’s Day Memes from Husband

These witty images are for husbands to wish their wives.

35. The husband still hasn’t recovered from that response!

Mothers Day Meme on Husband Wife

36. That slime alien I recovered from you!

Crazy Mothers Day Meme

37. Better hurry up.

Funny Mothers Day Meme for husband

38. Mother’s Day vs Father’s Day Meme.

Mothers Day vs Fathers Day Meme

39. That’s Nice!

Hilarious Mothers Day meme on husband

40. How dare your husband say that?

Happy Mothers Day Meme on Husband

Dank Mother’s Day Memes

41. Grandma is so cool!

Below are some funny images which offer dark humor.

Mothers Day Meme on Grandmother

42. Oooh! That’s sad!

Dark Mothers Day Meme on Dead mom

43. I love Mother’s Day!

Dirty Mothers Day Meme on American Pie

44. You know nothing!

Happy Mothers Day Meme on Orphan

45. Moms getting something for free!

Happy Mothers Day Meme on Creampie

46. Hey, I know them!

Happy Mothers Day on MILF

47. Soldiers!

Single Mothers Day Meme

48. Yeah! We know them.

Dank Mothers Day Meme on Masturbation

49. Thank you for not swallowing us.

Thank You For Not Swallowing Us Cake Meme

50. I hate social media!

Funny Dank Mothers Day Meme

So, which meme on Mother’s Day did you send? Let us know in the comments below!

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