15 Columbus Day Memes To Celebrate This Holiday

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Some days are so significant that they are not suitable for global celebrations. Columbus Day is another occasion in which people have both positive and negative feelings about the holiday. Whether you are against Columbus Day (and would rather honor Indigenous Peoples Day) or believe Christopher Columbus is an incredible explorer who deserves to be honored, we have memes for Christopher Columbus’/ Indigenous Peoples’ Day covered for you.

Columbus Day has been observed since the late 1930s when Franklin D. Roosevelt declared it a national holiday in honor of Christopher Columbus. However, communities and states across the United States have been urging a change to Indigenous Peoples’ Day since the 1990s. What individuals call the second Monday in October speaks volumes about their views and values. But who is here to judge? We’re in for a good laugh.

Funny Columbus Day Memes

1. Happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day!

Happy Indigenous Peoples' Day Meme on Native American

2. Happy Columbus Day!

Happy Columbus Day Meme

3. The modern villain!

You Either Die A Hero Meme on Columbus

4. Textbooks absolutely adore him!

Columbus Day Meme on Textbook

5. The only immigrant liberals hate!

Liberals Meme on Columbus

6. Christopher was indeed looking for India!

Christopher Columbus Meme on India

7. Biological warfare in 1492!

Native American Meme on Columbus

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8. He finally discovered it!

Christopher Columbus Meme on America

9. Just before boarding his ship Santa Maria!

Columbus Day Meme on Native American

10. Business man doing business!

Anti Columbus Day Meme

11. When you find new land!

Improve Adapt Overcome Meme on Columbus

12. That damn smile!

Christopher Columbus Smile Meme

13. The trade offer!

Columbus Meme on Small Pox

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14. Leif Erikson said the joke, first!

Leif Erikson vs Columbus Meme on America

15. The above memes are not stolen just discovered!

I Discovered It Meme

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