15 National Cousins Day Memes To Celebrate The Day

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National Cousin’s day is here. This year it will be celebrated on Sunday, July 24th 2022. It is the ideal day to express affection to those family members known as cousins. Cousins are the folks that made family gatherings or reunions pleasurable – or at least more palatable and less embarrassing – when we were kids, whether they were our first best friend or our first enemy. We have gathered some of the best National Cousin’s day Memes to add some humor to your greetings.

Cousins share common memories through grandparents, aunts, and uncles, whether they grow up together in close-knit families or only see each other on occasion. Cousins entertain and get into mischief together at family gatherings. They celebrate birthdays and may even blow out each other’s candles, much to their cousin’s chagrin. Cousins become an ally when their siblings anger them. Cousins can appear more like siblings, especially if they are the only children.

Funny Cousin’s Day Memes

1. There is my fella!

Favorite Cousin Meme

2. You can spend the night at your cousin’s!

You can Spend The Night At Your Cousins House Meme

3. Cousins are sisters you never had!

Cousins Are Sisters You Never Had Meme

4. One more drink please!

Cousins Day Celebration Meme

5. Cousin’s Day Photoshoot!

Cousins Day Photoshoot Meme

6. Cheers mate!

Happy National Cousins Day Meme on Cheers

7. Our mothers could not handle us as siblings!

God Made Us Cousins Meme

8. No mobile and no laptop!

National Cousins Day Meme on Jerry

9. Cousin by blood, friends by choice!

Cousin By Blood Friends By Choice Meme

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10. A Cousin a day keeps the boredom away!

Funny Cousins Day Meme On Fight

11. A place where cousins become best friends!

Grandparents House Is Where Cousins Become Best Friends Meme

12. Happiness is having crazy cousins!

Happiness Is Having Crazy Cousins Meme

13. Happy Cousins Day!

Happy National Cousins Day Meme on Taken Movie

14. Awkward and sad moment!

National Cousin's Day Meme on Sad

15. Cousins! Nah, we’re best mates!

Cousin Meme on Bestfriend

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