30 Funny Weekend Memes About Having A Great Time

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Weekends are exactly what the doctor prescribes after the whole week of tedious work and study. You could go to the movies, have food outside, go out with friends and family, sleep, or even stare at your phones. After all, one needs a weekend to reinvent and refresh yourself. On this occasion, we have aggregated the funniest weekend memes that are relatable to you.

Why weekends are important? Imagine not having a weekend to unwind after a long week of working or studying. Weekends are a time to fill up love and establish strong relationships, when you may have dinner with your entire family, visit with your friends, or simply spend time watching cartoons with your children.  The weekend is a great opportunity to savour meals prepared by your mother, wife, or daughter. Weekends are a time when you can be yourself (maybe) because you are at home or with the one you love, free of stress, paperwork, bosses, homework, and so on. It could be a 2-day, 3 day or 4-day long weekend but its existence is truly very much important, suggests research.

Weekends are wonderful, but never seem to last long enough. By the time we’ve unwinded on a Friday night, binge-watched TV shows, and socialised – although online – it’s Sunday night, and we’re mentally preparing for the following week. So let’s make sure we enjoy this time with these Happy Weekend memes.

Happy Weekend Memes of 2022

1. I can smell the weekend

I Can Smell The Weekend From Here Meme on Oogway

2. We love the weekend is here memes.

The Weekend Is Here Meme on Animal

3. Who is excited about the weekend?

Weekend Excitement Meme on Dog

4. Finally it’s weekend.

Finally Its Weekend Meme

5. We are not the same bro.

Weekend Meme on We are not the same bro

6. Entering weekend be like.

Weekend Meme on Home Alone 2

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7. Weekend face.

Weekend Face Meme

8. We deserve, this weekend.

Hilarious Weekend Meme on Dancing Mice

9. I could smile all weekend.

Weekend Smile Meme on Giraffe

10. Happy weekend meme.

Happy Weekend Meme on Dolphin

11. 3 day weekend meme.

3 Day Weekend Meme on Success Kid

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12. 4 day weekend meme.

4 Day Weekend Meme

13. When you wake up and remember.

Wake Up Weekend Meme

14. Where did the weekend go?

Weekend Meme on Tom Cartoon Sleeping

15. Post-weekend meme.

Weekend Over Meme on Joker

16. Weekend just seems to fly.

Weekend Meme on Blinking Guy

17. Please stop asking me what I am doing this weekend.

Please stop asking me what I am doing this weekend meme

18. Weekend, please don’t leave me.

Weekend Please Dont Leave Me Meme on Sloth

19. When you work on weekends.

Have A Great Weekend Meme

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20. Weekend working meme.

Weekend Working Meme

21. Weekend workout meme.

Weekend Workout Meme

22. How was the weekend?

How Was Weekend Meme

23. Weekend plan meme.

My Weekend Plans Meme

24. Any plans this weekend?

Weekend Plan Meme

25. This doesn’t sit right.

Weekend Work Meme

26. Weekend – The Saviour.

Weekend Vs rest of the week meme

27. My weekend to-do list.

Weekend To Do List Meme

28. Finding the courage to deal with Monday.

Sunday Night Meme on Weekend

29. A beautiful week is incomplete without a weekend.

Weekend Meme on A beautiful flower is incomplete without its leaves

30. Waiting to welcome weekend, for the next time.

Welcome Weekend Meme

Hope you liked our list of funny weekend memes. Do pick the one you liked and mention it in the comment section below.

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