30 Best Welcome Memes For New Team Members

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Taking on a new role in an unfamiliar workplace or joining a new group chat is similar to being the new kid in school: they tell you where your locker is and what classes you’re taking, but what you really want to know is how you’re meant to act and what the social standards are. Therefore, making each employee and team member feel at ease and familiar with their new environment is the most effective strategy to establish a strong relationship. And this critical step can help you pave the way for increased engagement in long term.

Here are some of the funniest welcome memes, we thought would ease off the pressure from the new joiner.

Funny Welcome Memes

1. A new member you have become, a warm welcome you shall have.

New Team Member Meme on Yoda

2. Welcome out of the cave, friend!

Welcome Out Of The Cave Meme

3. What a great win having you on our team!

What A Great Win Having You On Our Team Meme

4. We are delighted to have you join us.

Welcome To The Team Meme on Dog Winking

5. One does not simply say welcome but here we do!

One Does Not Simply Say Welcome Meme

6. Welcome to the dream team!

Welcome To Dream Team Meme

7. You have been chosen, welcome.

Welcome To The Team Meme on Anchorman

8. Welcome to the group, newbies!

Welcome To The Group Meme on Despicable

9. Welcome to the team, you are one of us now!

Welcome To The Team Meme on Overly Attached Girlfriend

10. Congratulations!

You Are One Of Us Now Meme

11. Welcome to the club!

Welcome To The Club Meme on Howard Wolowitz

12. Announcement time in the group!

Welcome Meme on Robin Holding A Whiteboard

13. Welcome to the tribe!

Welcome To The Tribe Meme

14. Welcome to team, my boi!

Welcome To The Team My Boi Meme

15. Welcome to the gang!

Welcome To The Gang Meme

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16. Welcome to the family, kiddo!

Welcome To The Family Meme on Encanto

17. Cheers to the newest member of this team!

Newest Member Of Team Meme

18. You have been chosen!

Welcome To The Team Meme on Ryan Gosling

19. Welcome to the jungle!

Welcome To The Jungle Meme on Chemistry Cat

20. May you open your wings and fly!

Welcome To The Team Meme on Leonardo DiCaprio

21. Another gem added to our team!

Another Gem Added To Team Meme

22. Welcome to the crew!

Welcome To The Crew Meme

23. The organization has hit a jackpot!

Welcome To the Team Meme on Chris Pratt

24. Greetings from you new work family!

Greetings From Your New Work Family Meme

25. Welcome to the group chat!

Welcome To The Group Chat Meme

26. It’s about time you got here!

Welcome Meme For Work

27. We are going to be stronger than ever!

Welcome Meme on Excited Baby

28. Looking forward to collaborating with you!

Welcome To The Organization Meme on The Office

29. Welcome aboard, let us create magic!

Welcome Aboard Meme on Spongebob Squarepants

30. Welcome to the team of achievers!

Welcome To Team Of Achievers Meme

Did your new team members find them funny? Let us know in the comment section below!

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  1. A colony of bacteria walks into a bar. Waiter tells them they’re not welcome.
    The bacteria say, “But we’re staph!”


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