20 Funny Middle Child Jokes You Cannot Ignore

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The middle child, often wedged between the privileged eldest and the pampered youngest, has a unique place in the family dynamic. This positioning often leads to the so-called “middle child syndrome”, where the middle child feels overlooked or underappreciated, sandwiched as they are between the doted-on firstborn and the ‘baby’ of the family. Yet, middle children are often characterized by their independence, negotiation skills, and ability to maintain strong social connections.

Middle child jokes have a distinct flavor, mostly revolving around themes of neglect, invisibility, or getting the short end of the stick. They’ve gained popularity due to relatability, particularly for other middle children who understand the experience. These jokes, delivered with a pinch of humor and affectionate teasing, resonate with family members of all ages, turning the shared family dynamics into a source of amusement.

Also, National Middle Child Day, observed annually on August 12th, is dedicated to honoring and highlighting the unique role and contributions of middle children in families. It’s a day designed to celebrate the often-overlooked middle child, dispelling the “middle child syndrome” with love, appreciation, and recognition.

Best Middle Child Jokes

Did you know that August 12th was National Middle Child Day?
Not that anyone noticed anyway.

Why is Steve Jobs’s middle child unemployed?
Because he’s always inbetween jobs.

Why did the middle child inherit the family AC company?
He was the central heir.

Knock, knock.
(Who’s there?)
(Middle who?)
Middle child, glad someone finally noticed!

What did the highway engineer name her middle child?

What do you call the middle child in a family of Millipedes?

Did you know about FOMO?
Middle children had FOMO before it was cool.

Why don’t middle children ever participate in a drama?
Because they’ve already learned the roles by watching their older and younger siblings mess up!

Why did the middle child think about falling into a well?
He thought it might be a good idea to get a bit more attention.

Oldest sibling draws picture: “You’re a genius wow!”
Baby draws: “It’s adorable like your face!”
Middle Child: “Paper costs money pls stop.”

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Why is the middle child like a dinosaur?
Because even their own existence is trying to overlook them!

Why did the middle child become an actor?
Because they’re used to playing a supporting role!

How do you spot a middle child at a party?
They’re the ones giving advice on how to avoid spotlight!

Why did the middle child get a job as a diplomat?
Because they’ve been negotiating peace between their siblings their whole life!

What game does the middle child always win?
Hide and seek, because nobody notices when they hide!

Why did the middle child bring a ladder to family photos?
So they could finally stand out!

The Taylor family was in the midst of planning a celebration for National Middle Child Day, an opportunity to give some extra attention to Emily, their often teased middle child. The morning of the event, Emily bounced into the kitchen, a beaming smile on her face.
She gleefully declared, “Hey, today is National Middle Child Day!” Her announcement hung in the air, a humorous nod to her usual complaints about being overlooked between her older and younger brothers.
All faces turned to Emily, the breakfast chatter replaced by amused smiles. However, their dad, Robert, with his renowned sense of humor, furrowed his brows and replied, “That can’t be right.”
Emily, surprised, along with the rest of the family, looked at him questioningly. Robert, barely containing his smirk, continued, “It should be on a Wednesday.”

Why don’t middle children ever get lost?
Because they are always in-between!

Why do middle children make the best detectives?
Because they’re experts at observing without being noticed!

Why are middle children the best at poker?
Because they know how to remain unnoticed even when they have the best hand!

What’s the difference between 9/11 and the middle child’s birth?
One was planned.

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  1. Last night I told our middle son that he was the meanest child of our three boys!
    I was the only one in the car who laughed.


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