20 Funny Middle Child Memes That Are Relatable

Funny Middle Child Memes on National Middle Child Day
Funny Middle Child Memes

The middle child – never the star of the show, but always there for comic relief. Imagine being the perfectly decent sequel sandwiched between a blockbuster original and a shockingly good threequel. That’s the middle child for you. And guess what? There’s a National Middle Child Day on August 12th, dedicated to the ones who’ve long perfected the smile-and-nod while siblings steal the spotlight. It’s like the Oscars, but only the middle child’s invited, and the awards are for “Best Supporting Sibling” and “Most Likely to be Called by the Wrong Name.”

Now, onto the great cascade of middle child memes. What’s the deal with them? Well, being a middle child is like having a permanent seat at the comedy roast. You’re perpetually trying to wave from behind the taller siblings, and your family milestones might be commemorated with a casual pat on the back.

The Internet, being the cruel yet humorous place it is, decided to turn these quirks into meme gold. Those memes are the symbolic high-fives to middle children everywhere, acknowledging their ongoing struggle to grab the metaphorical – and often literal – last piece of cake. And who wouldn’t want to laugh at that universal struggle? It’s funnier than watching a dog try to catch its tail, and much more relatable!

Best National Middle Child Day Memes

1. And there lies the attention!

Youngest vs Middle Child Meme

2. Not a great moment to be a middle child!

Middle Child vs Youngest Child Meme on New Clothes

3. Anything to grab the spotlight!

Middle Kid Meme on Dogs

4. No one remembers the National Middle Child Day!

Funny Middle Child Day Meme on Forgotten

5. Relatable?!

Younger vs Older vs Middle Child Meme on Toothbrush

6. Thor says “Happy National Middle Child Day!”

Happy National Middle Child Day Meme on Thor

7. Disappointments everywhere!

You're A Fucking Disappointment Meme On Middle Child

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8. You know the drill!

Christmas Gift Meme on Middle Child

9. Story of every family!

Middle Child Attention Meme on Dog

10. Woow!

Middle Child Truth Meme on Mickey Mouse

11. The awkward moment caught on camera!

The moment he realized he was the middle child Meme

12. A lot more low-maintenance to take care of!

Youngest Vs Oldest vs Middle Child Meme

13. Surely named by the father!

Peace Eshiet Meme on HCC Student

14. Not a great sight for the elders!

That is one big pile of shit meme on middle kid

15. A lot less value!

Middle Child has less value Meme

16. That’s a funny quote!

Middle Child has the hardest time Meme

17. Patience kid, patience!

Middle Child Getting Attention Meme on We're the Millers

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18. Thanos is surely a parent!

Parents With Middle Child Meme on Thanos

19. A job perfectly managed!

Middle Child Disappointment Meme

20. Being the middle child is probably synonymous with being the odd one out at this point.

How Parents See Their Child Meme

Do you like these funny National Middle Child Day memes? Post your funny reactions to these funny pictures in the comment section down below!

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