50 Funny Ohio Jokes And Puns Straight from the Midwest

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Ohio, known as the Buckeye State, is a melting pot of Midwest charm and urban flair, with a quirky side that residents wear like a badge of honor. It’s home to a symphony of cornfields, college football fanatics, and roller coaster enthusiasts, all swirling together in a state that can claim both the invention of the airplane and the hot dog. With cities like Cleveland and Cincinnati anchoring its diverse cultural landscape, Ohio offers a microcosm of America, complete with a legacy of astronauts proving that the sky’s quite literally not the limit for those who call it home. This eclectic blend of innovation, sports, and good old-fashioned Americana is ripe for the comedic picking, setting the stage for a hearty chuckle at Ohio’s expense.

Ohio jokes are as plentiful as the state’s corn harvest, sprouting up from the fertile soil of its unique cultural tapestry. These witticisms serve up a playful jab at the quirks of life in the Heartland, where the weather can’t make up its mind, and where ‘pop’ is not a music genre but something you drink. The humor is as warm and inviting as a Midwestern welcome mat, inviting both locals and outsiders to share a laugh over the peculiarities that make Ohio distinctly Ohioan. In the world of puns and memes, Ohio isn’t just a flyover state; it’s a punchline pilgrimage, where the jokes land with a familiarity and fondness that only true Buckeyes can appreciate.

Best Ohio Jokes

Did you know there’s a city in Ohio called “Engagement?”
It’s somewhere between Dayton and Marion.

Only in Ohio, would an old man walk into a store 40 minutes before it closes blasting staind on a beats speaker.

Only in Ohio, can you experience all four seasons in one week — sometimes in one day!

What did one O say to the other O?

What state is round at both ends and high in the middle?

Only in Ohio, do people use cornfields as landmarks for directions.

Only in Ohio, is “pop” not a sound, but what you drink with your pizza.

Knock, knock.
(Who’s there?)
(Ohio who?)
Ohio feeling?!

Have you heard that 24 astronauts AND the Wright Brothers were born in Ohio?
Something about that crappy state makes people want to flee the Earth.

Yo mama so fat, she thought OHIO was a fast-food chain.

What’s weird with Ohio?
The only state with a name that looks like a tractor.

Only in Ohio can the temperature be right at freezing while being under a pollen alert.

Only in Ohio do people drive like they’ve never seen snow and yet it snows every year!

We all need to send prayers to the people in Ohio,
Nothing happened, they just have to live there.

What is the most interesting thing about Ohio?
Ohayo means ‘good morning’ in Japanese.

Only in Ohio will you see people sitting outside eating lunch when it’s 47 degrees out!

Only in Ohio would someone complain when they got weed.

Did you hear about the man who moved from Michigan to Ohio?
Has raised the average intelligence of both states.

Knock, knock.
(Who’s there?)
(Ohio who?)
Ohio Silver!

What do you say to someone who say that they were born in Ohio, then moved to Oklahoma?
“Oh, ok.”

Men only in Ohio can people be impressed with outlets that have USB ports.

Only in Ohio where you’ll see a gas station, a car wash, a Chinese restaurant, and farming land all at the same intersection.

Two people from Japan meet each other at a tourist attraction in the USA.
“Where will you be going next?” asks the first person.
“Ohio,” says the second.
“Good morning to you too, but that didn’t answer my question,” says the first person.

Only in Ohio, you can get away with being late to work because you were stuck behind a tractor.

Only in Ohio do you see a squirrel carrying a cob of corn across the street.

What’s worse than being a tanning salon owner in Africa?
Being a Somali Uber driver in Columbus, Ohio.

Why doesn’t Michigan fall into the Great Lakes?
Because Ohio sucks.

Only in Ohio, can you visit a town named “Coolville” and not be in a comic book.

Only in Ohio, do you say you’re going to the beach and end up at a lake.

What did the OSU grad say to the Michigan grad?
”Welcome to McDonalds, may I take your order please?”

What’s the Capital Of Ohio?

Only in Ohio, would people be less surprised about the weather changing abruptly than their sports team winning a championship.

Why doesn’t Columbus Ohio have a professional football team?
Because then Cincinnati and Cleveland would want one too.

Which US state is happiest to see its Japanese residents wake up?

A police officer pulls over an elderly couple.
He walks up to the driver’s side window and asks the husband for his license and registration.
The wife, hard of hearing, asks, “What?! What did he say to you?”
The husband replies, “He wants my license!”
The officer asks him if he knew how fast he was going.
The wife yells, “What?! What did he say to you?”
The husband yells back, “He says I was speeding!”
As the officer looks at the license he notices they’re from Ohio, “You know, I used to live in Ohio. Worst place ever. I was seeing this woman there, and it was just miserable. She would never shut up, couldn’t cook worth shit, constantly belittled me, and the sex was just awful.”
The old lady once again yells, “What?! What did he say to you?”
The husband yells back, “He said you two used to date!”

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What do you call a carpet cleaning company based out of Ohio?
Cleveland Steamers.

What US state is round on the sides but tall in the center?

Why is the capital of Ohio named after Columbus?
Because you’d have to get REALLY friggin lost to end up there!

Did you hear about the kid in Ohio who loved corn?
He was a-maize-d by it!

Yo mama so fat, her gyat is all the way in Ohio!

What is Ohio State University’s official video game?

Why are people from Ohio good at finding a spouse?
Because they can go from Dayton to Marion in less than two hours.

An Ohio scientist goes to Japan for a press conference as the main speaker.
However, he was not informed that the press conference wasn’t in English. The translator was there, but there were many moments of laughter among the audience when he translated for the scientist. When he inquired, the translator did not give any reason.
After the press conference and coming back to Ohio, the scientist deduced that he must learn to speak Japanese in order to understand what all the smack was about. A gifted man, he was able to speak Japanese very well in only about 2 months. Furthermore, he was invited to a Japanese talk show as his press conference made waves and waves in Japan. But he had found out that it was because of his ideas and the audience had been laughing at his expense. He had been given the perfect opportunity to show the Japanese his brilliance and he accepted.
“It has come to my notice that you have requested that there be no translator tonight?” The host asked the scientist.
The audience was mouth agape as the scientist replied in Japanese.
“Could you please tell the audience where you come from?” The host inquired.
“Good Morning.”

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What happens when Ohio State chokes?

How do people from Columbus greet each other?
“Oh, hi yo!”

Two Ohio State fans were walking in the snow.
One said, “That’s dog tracks!” The other said, “No, that’s cat tracks!” “No, dog!” “No, cat.” Then all of a sudden a train hit them.

How many Cleveland Browns fans does it take to change a light bulb?
Both of them.

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