31 Funny Alabama Jokes That Are Relatable

Funny Alabama Jokes
Funny Alabama Jokes

We all know that about Youtubers and Tik Tokers who crack a joke and Home Sweet Alabama starts playing in the background. So we did some digging and discovered that you cannot marry any of your children, siblings, parents, uncles, aunts, grandkids, grandparents, or great grandparents in Alabama. However, there are no restrictions on marrying first cousins. So, what is it about Alabama that made it synonymous with such jokes?

How did Alabama become a reference for many jokes?

The state scores poorly in areas like education, diversity, and policies that are progressive, and it is one of the southern states that has clung to outdated ways of thinking or traditional values for far older than others. It was once one of the states that opposed the abolition of slavery, being a member of the Confederacy during the American Civil War. Many intellectuals and city inhabitants in the US have a tense connection with rural, redneck Americans, which is tinged with racism, illiteracy, and poverty. When you combine poverty, a lack of knowledge, and a dislike of outside cultures, people become quite closed off, which leads to jokes about family marriage and other such topics, as closed off groups have much smaller dating pools. Every country and/or region has a set of jokes that are similar. The English make jokes about the Irish, and Norfolk is frequently the punchline. Alabama seems to be the epicentre of ribald comedy centred on inbreeding and idiocy.

Let’s read and laugh at some of the funniest Alabama jokes on the Internet.

Best Alabama Jokes

Men from where do not have to leave their house to meet GF’s parents?


How do you recognise a family from Alabama?

When their family tree is the recycling symbol.

Which website do Alabama people use for dating?

There is nothing offensive about Alabama jokes?

Instead, I find that they bring children and adults closer together.

Woman: Who are you?

Man: I am the father.

Woan: Of the groom or the bride?

Man: Both.

Why are Alabama boys and girls indifferent when their crush enters the class?

Because they are homeschooled.

In Alabama, what were the last words of the boy to the girl before their breakup?

“Atleast we are still cousins.”

Where did the shout “Yes Daddy” originate from?

Obviously, Alabama.

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Why do people in Alabama find incest jokes funny?

Cause they are kind of related.

What did the brother from Alabama say after his sister was pregnant?

Guys! I am finally a dad.

What do families in Alabama do on Halloween?


Why do people in Alabama hate being at family reunions?

They have to face too many exes there.

What are the two types of people you get in Alabama?

The orphans and the inbreds.

Why can you have affairs with your boss in Alabama?

It’s a family business.

From where was the Alabama brother banned after he ate a vegetable?

Sister’s group home.

Girl: Is it weird for me and my brother to crack Alabama jokes with each other?

Friend: Depends if he breaks his arms.

Why don’t people from Alabama don’t share jokes?

They like to keep it in the family.

What do the Alabama families call a child born?

Gross domestic product.


It takes the y out analysis.

Which animals are popular in Alabama?


Husband: I am taking a vacation to Alabama?

Wife: I heard that you should take the kids.

Alabama Girl: Told my cousin he got me pregnant as an April fools’ joke. He was scared.

Asian friend: Why was he scared?

What is a popular saying in Alabama?

Why go down the street when you can go down the hall.

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How do you recognise a family from Alabama?

Their family tree looks like a circle.

Most people find Alabama jokes offensive.

I personally think that they are pretty family-friendly.

Which electronic reading device do people use in Alabama?


What twisted preference is acceptable in Alabama?


What is the other name for Alabama jokes?

Step jokes.

When your wife and your sister are drowning, why don’t you have to choose?

Because you are in Alabama.

*A normal family conversation in Alabama*

Son: Mom, dad, I got a girlfriend.

Mom: That’s great, son. Where does she live?

Son: Upstairs.

Why don’t women change their surname once married?

Because they are in Alabama.

We hope these Alabama jokes made your day. Keep checking this space for more funny jokes in the future.

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