70 Funny Yer Da Jokes Straight from the Scottish Land

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Jessica Amlee


Yer Da jokes are a specific type of humor that originated from the Scottish Twitter subculture. In the Scots dialect, “Yer Da” translates to “Your Dad,” and this form of humor often includes playful, ridiculous, or exaggerated claims about someone’s father. These jokes have grown beyond Scotland, becoming a popular trend on social media platforms worldwide.

Yer Da jokes tend to be humorous because they are absurd, exaggerated, and often based on common stereotypes about fathers. They usually focus on themes such as cluelessness, embarrassing behavior, outdated fashion choices, or odd hobbies that many people can relate to their own fathers or father figures. Their humor also lies in their unpredictable and off-the-wall nature, as the punchlines often come from an unexpected place. This blend of relatability and unpredictability, along with a good dose of silliness, is what makes Yer Da jokes such a hit with audiences everywhere.

Best Yer Da Jokes

  1. Yer da goes on Pinterest for dinner recipes.
  2. Yer da does sprints around JD sports when he is trying new trainers on.
  3. Yer da sells pictures of himself wearing nappies to Japanese salary men.
  4. Yer da keeps his gravy separate from his pie and chips.
  5. Yer da does 5 yard sprints when he tries on new trainers in sports direct.
  6. Yer da’s in the Argos catalogue.
  7. Yer da sells cocaine in toy story baggies. Call him Buzz Shitegear.
  8. Yer da sits at the top of the stairs and pretends to be the chaser.
  9. Yer da kicks off when he can’t be the dog in monopoly.
  10. Yer da follows Jamie Bryson on Twitter.
  11. Yer day DJs in a supermarket and calls himself Tiësco.
  12. Yer da sells Christmas lights because he got sacked by Avon.
  13. Yer da gets his clothes from Jacamo.
  14. Yer da sits in the middle seat of the work van.
  15. Yer da does keepy ups with a lettuce. Calls himself mo salad.
  16. Yer da took the minus offer on the chase.
  17. Yer da brings a coke bottle of diluted orange to work.
  18. Yer da closes the fridge door with his hips.
  19. Yer da sells fidget spinners in Ibiza.
  20. Yer da listens to Better Off Alone after an argument.

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  1. Your da runs up the stairs on all 4’s.
  2. Yer dah sits up till the early hours playing online bingo.
  3. Yer da watches WWE way the lights aff.
  4. Yer da does TikToks.
  5. Yer da does Ann summers parties so he does.
  6. Yer da wears astros to church.
  7. Yer da wears yer maws housecoat tae the van.
  8. Yer da licks his finger before scrolling on his phone.
  9. Yer da sells bubble bath round the doors. Calls himself bubble O 7.
  10. Yer da chose the Kardashians as a topic on Pointless.
  11. Yer da got caught stealing cold meat out Tesco and now he gets called Jean Claude Van Ham.
  12. Yer da thinks there’s more than 2 genders.
  13. Yer da sells football cards for the UDA.
  14. Yer dah gets bullied at the bingo.
  15. Yer da cried at the end of Frozen.

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  1. Yer da teaches Zumba.
  2. Yer da watches soccer Sunday on a Wednesday.
  3. Yer da wears Crocs to mass.
  4. Your da reads Belfast Live.
  5. Yer da’s got the DVD boxset of through the key hole.
  6. Yet da shouts at pigeons in the park.
  7. Yer da listens to Beyoncé on the way home fae the gym.
  8. Yer da thinks jet fuel melts steel beams.
  9. Yer da sells lynx box sets at the car boot sale.
  10. Yer da does a sh*te in the Asda toilets.
  11. Yer da sells conservatory doors, calls himself Paddy O’Doors.
  12. Yer da claps when the plane lands.
  13. Yer da sells goes on your ma for Barry’s tokens.
  14. Yer da writes for Glasgow Live.
  15. Yet da puts boxing gloves on to do the hoovering calls himself Dyson fury.

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  1. Yer Da’ guards statues.
  2. Yer da does 10 yard sprints in jd when he tries on new sannies.
  3. Yer das a huge Star wars fan and gets pished after one beer. He goes by the name of Only wan Peroni.
  4. Yer da rolls f*gs wae wan haun, calls himself baccy chan.
  5. Yer da punts bashed coke in Toy Story bags and calls himself Buzz Shitegear.
  6. Ye da believes in trickle down economics.
  7. Yer da’s a plasterer and loves Queen, calls himself spreddie mercury.
  8. Yer da goes to rangers games and stay til the end.
  9. Yer da does gel nails in the back room of your gaf and he does a deal on some eyebrow threading too.
  10. Yer da has the Lidl app on his phone.
  11. Yer da watches the chase on plus one and pretends he knows all the answers.
  12. Yer da orders cucumbers online and waits at the door with his arse against the letterbox.
  13. Yer da has the biggest arse on the building site. Gets called Brickie Minaj.
  14. They call yer da “The radiator” cause he’s always got a pair of yer wee sisters knickers on him.
  15. Yer da wanks on all fours.
  16. Yer da refuses bl*wjobs cause he thinks it will affect his universal credit.

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