70 Funny Father’s Day Jokes to Make Old Man Smile

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Before you have your own child, celebrating Father’s Day is that one day of the year when dad gets to feel appreciated. When you were in school, maybe you made him a card or a gift and then as you got older, you could have a meal or spend some time together. Sure when you become a dad yourself, the meaning of the day changes. Of course, you can celebrate it with your father but all of a sudden, you are the one being celebrated. It is a very strange feeling at least for your first couple of years. To mark this day this Sunday, June 18, 2023, we aggregated the funniest Father’s Day Jokes for your dad. In Australia, it is celebrated on the first Sunday of September.

Father’s Day is celebrated across the globe but in general, the idea is pretty much the same – honoring fatherhood and celebrating the impact that dads have on our society. We do hope that you get to celebrate Father’s Day with those that you love and you get to fill your heart with gratitude. Now, take a sofa, sit back, and start reading these funny puns and one-liners.

Best Father’s Day Jokes

A proud new father shares a drink with his old man on Father’s Day.
“Well, son, now that you have your own son, it’s about time I wished you something.”
“Dad you dont mea-“
“Yes I do. A very Happy Father’s Day.” wished the father.
“Dad I’m at a loss for words…I’m humbled.”
“Hello, humbled,” responds the father. “I’m dad.”

Why isn’t Father’s Day observed in Egypt?
They prefer mummies.

What is Durex’s marketing pitch today?
“Happy Father’s Day to everyone who used our competitors’ products.”

Why is Samuel Leroy Jackson so enthusiastic about Father’s Day?
“Cause it’s all about celebrating those god damn motherfuckers.”

Wife: Honey, could you crack Dad jokes all day tomorrow?”
Husband: I don’t know anyone called morrow.

What did Jesus gift God on Father’s Day?

What is the most confusing day in the Ghetto?
It’s Father’s Day.

What do you call Mass confusion?
Fathers Day in Detroit.

If Mumosas are the Mother’s Day cocktail of choice, what would be the Father’s Day cocktail of choice?

What is Darth Vader’s favorite day?
Father’s Day!

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What did daddy buffalo say when the kid Buffalo gave him a Father’s Day gift?
TY son.

What is the difference between Father’s Day and Mother’s Day?
Mother’s Day commercial: Diamonds on sale for $3000.
Father’s Day commercials: Men’s target cargo shorts on sale for $11.

Daughter: Mum, when can I give daddy his Father’s Day card?
Mom: Thursday, when he delivers the milk.

Why is Mother’s Day celebrated before Father’s Day?
So the kids may spend their entire Christmas fund on Mom.

What is the most confusing holiday in Alabama?
Father’s Day.

Which store is Luke Skywalker’s least favorite?
The second-hand store especially shopping for Father’s Day.

What is the funniest Father’s Day wish?
“Dad, may your Father’s Day be better than your jokes.”

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On Father’s Day, what do you get a golfing pop?
A Tee Shirt.

What made the daddy cat decide to go bowling on Father’s Day?
He was an alley cat.

What did Dad say when he got a universal remote for Father’s Day?
“This changes everything!”

How did Darth Vader know what Luke was going to get him for Father’s Day?
He sensed his presents.

A man told his wife that she had to buy me a fathers Day present.
He said, “Why should I suffer just because she had a miscarriage?”

Which is the best Father’s Day 2023 summer dessert for dads?

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What did the baby Panda present to his pop on Father’s Day?
A bear hug.

What music should be playing in the house on Father’s Day?

What did the baby egg say to the dad egg?
Your jokes crack me up.

What did the baby corn say to mother corn on Father’s Day?
“Where is POPcorn?”

Mother: Daughter, did you find a nice Father’s Day card for Daddy yet?
Daughter: Not yet mum, I’m looking for one with money in it.
Son: Happy Father’s Day, Dad!
Dad: Well thank you! You know, not many people would say that to me, then again I’m not their father.

What did the father say when his teen son wished him on Father’s Day?
“Thanks, son, I couldn’t have done it without you!”

What do you call men who are not a dad celebrating Father’s day?
They are a faux pas.

Son: Hey old man! Don’t forget, tomorrow is Father’s Day!
Father: Yes I know and it is a Sonday too.

On Father’s Day, what does a hermit crab do?
They shellabrate their fathers.

A kid gave his father $200 and asked him to buy anything that makes his life easier on Father’s Day. But what did he buy?
A gift for his wife.

Why did the son purchase a GPS for his dad as a Father’s Day gift?
So that he doesn’t have to rely on his mother to tell him where to go.

What is the best Father’s Day gift at absolutely no cost?
A long nap.

What did the wife whose hobby is human trafficking gift her husband on Father’s Day?
A Thai.

On Father’s Day, a mother, son, and daughter were preparing a homemade meal for the old fella on the grill.
After a while, the daughter asked his father, “Dad, how do you like your steak?”
Dad said,” On a plate, of course.”

Why did the wife gift the Angler dad on Father’s Day?
Fishing Hooks – so that he is hooked on it.

What do you give a cool dad as a Father’s Day gift?
A blanket.

On Father’s Day, how did the piglets wake up their father?
With kisses and hogs.

Why does an orphan’s calendar only have 365 days in a calendar?
No Mother or Father’s Day.

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What book did the father keep reading for the whole of Father’s Day?
It was a book on Anti-gravity gifted by his son.

A verbal fight broke out between a teen and his stepdad on Father’s Day.
Boy: You’re not my real father.
Step-dad: You’re right, because I’m here right now.

What are dads allowed to do on Father’s Day?
Eat cake but not don’t eat cake. You can go out but not outside. You can drink but not fluids.

How did dad teach his children about taxes on Father’s Day?
By eating 35% of their ice cream.

Where do fathers keep their jokes to crack on Father’s Day?

Why should you bake a cake for your dad this Father’s Day?
After all, it is a piece of cake.

Should you thank your dad on Father’s Day?
Of course, for him not pulling out.

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When does a joke become a Father’s Day joke?
Not until it becomes apparent.

What exactly is so special about Father’s Day?
The day in June when a father realizes he hasn’t paid his Mother’s Day paid.

What is the similarity between Father’s Day and Mother’s Day?
Both are similar days except, on Father’s Day, you buy a less expensive gift.

Son: Happy Father’s Day!
Father: Thank you, son!
Son: I’ll call you tomorrow.
Father: Don’t call me tomorrow, call me Dad.

Mums have Mother’s Day. Pops have Father’s Day. Couples have Valentine’s Day. What do single guys have?
Palm Sunday.

How did the baby T-Rex wish his father?
You are so T-Rex-ellent, Dad!

How can you know which among your siblings, your father loves the most?
Sign the Father’s Day card, “With love from your favorite son.” It would be interesting to know whom he thanks.

Why was the wife angry on Father’s Day?
Because his husband got more Father’s Day cards than they have kids.

Why was the kid of a gay couple frustrated on Father’s Day?
The day was twice as expensive.

Little Johnny, a five-year-old, got separated from his dad on Father’s Day, so he approached a police officer and exclaimed, “I’ve lost my father!”
“What does he look like?” the cop inquired.
“Beer and women!” said Little Johnny.

How did the baby Koala wish the daddy Koala?
Happy Father’s Day Dad! You have koalified to claim the title of “best father.”

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How do Star Wars fans wish their father?
Yoda best dad in the whole world!

How do you wish a father who loves to grill?
Thanks for always chicken on me, dad — I turned out well done.”

How do you wish Father’s Day to your dad while carpooling?
Thanks for always driving me, dad… driving me crazy.

When is Father’s Day?
Nine months after Father’s Night.

What is the official song of Father’s Day?
The Wanted – Glad you came.

For any women thinking about Father’s Day presents, most men appreciate things done by hand
Or mouth.

How does Kylo Ren celebrate Father’s Day?

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