31 Funny Father’s Day Memes To Send Your Dad in 2022

Funny Father's Day Memes on Dad
Funny Father's Day Memes

Father’s day is slowly becoming a pretty big deal. In fact, over a hundred countries around the world all have a version of it and many of them have their own unique traditions when it comes to celebrating dad. In 2022, Sunday, June 19, is Father’s Day, a day to commemorate all fathers, grandfathers, and father figures for their contributions. In Australia, it is celebrated on the first Sunday of September. So, we have created a list of the funniest Father’s Day Memes for your dad which would certainly bring a smile to your old man’s face.

In Mexico, there’s a 13-mile-long race through Mexico City every year called the “Carrera día del padre” or “Father’s Day Run?!” In Thailand, it’s customary to give dad a canna flower on Father’s Day. In Germany, dads – young and old, pack wagons full of food and drink to bring along on their annual father’s day hiking tours. And in Victoria of Australia, they actually award their best dads with their annual father of the year award! While in most other countries, they keep the day pretty simple with cards, gifts, and family get-togethers. But no matter where, when, or even how you celebrate father’s day – every day is a great day to show some love to dad!

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Happy Father’s Day Memes

1. Wish him, now!

Happy Father's Day Meme on Stars Wars

2. Father’s Day vs Mother’s Day!

Father's Day vs Mother's Day Meme

3. Thanks for not pulling out!

Thank You Dad For Not Pulling out Meme

4. Single Moms getting ready for Father’s Day!

Single Mom Father's Day Meme

5. Don’t you all have Mother’s Day?

Father's Day Meme for Single Mothers

6. You made him happy!

Father's Day Single Dad Meme

7. What gift you got for Father’s Day?

Father's Day Gift Meme

8. Less spending!

Mother's Day vs Father's Day Spending Meme on Restaurant

9. BBQ on Father’s Day!

Father's Day Barbecue Meme

10. Setting a shining example!

The Shining Father's Day Meme

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11. I am a father too, you know!

Father's Day Catholic Priest Meme

12. Hey! That’s our card.

Happy Father's Day Brother Meme

13. That’s Dank!

Dank Father's Day Meme

14. Wishes from father’s favorite mistake!

Father's Day Dog Meme

15. Morning wishes from daughter!

Happy Father's Day Meme from Daughter

16. Happy Muthafuckas’ Day!

Motherfucker Day Meme on Father

17. Fishing & Dad!

Father's day Fishing Meme

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18. That’s an inappropriate meme.

Dirty Father's Day Meme on Daddy

19. You forgot, you piece of devil!

Father's Day Birthday Meme

20. That awesome feeling!

Father's Day Stepson Meme

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21. Another drunk day!

Inappropriate Father's Day Meme

22. May the (golf) course be with you, dad!

Father's Day Golf Meme

23. Not yet!

Funny Father's Day Joke on Moving Out

24. Because its Farter’s Day!

Dad farting Meme on Father Day Gift

25. Got more Father’s Day cards than his kids!

Funny Wife Meme on Father Day Cards

26. So Juneteenth falls on Father’s Day weekend!

Juneteenth And Father's Day Meme

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27. Twice expensive when adopted by gay couple!

Gay Meme on Fathers Day

28. You freed him, that man!

Father's Day Gift Meme on GPS

29. No offers, no trading!

Funny Father's Day Quote

30. Disappointment is visible!

Funny Father's Day Card Meme

31. Unlimited channel surfing today!

Channel Surfing Meme on Father's Day

Did you find any meme to wish your dad a Happy Father’s Day? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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