Chuna Laga Diya – Meme Template

Chuna Laga Diya meme template of Golmaal
Chuna Laga Diya – Meme Template

The Chuna Laga Diya meme originates from the 2006 Indian movie Golmaal: Fun Unlimited. In this movie, Vasooli (the character played by Mukesh Tiwari) says this dialogue when Madhav (the character played by Arshad Warsi) and Laxman (the character played by Sharman Joshi) cheats him of a car from his garage in the pretext of a test drive. He says, “Oye, Chuna Laga Diya.” The popular use of this Chuna Laga Diya meme is to mock someone who has been duped.

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