Oh Fuck Yeah Spread It – Riley Reid Meme Template

Oh Fuck Yeah Spread It Meme Template on Riley Reid
Oh Fuck Yeah Spread It – Riley Reid Meme Template

The Oh fuck yeah spread it meme originates from the Porn Video titled “BLACKED Petite Riley Reid tries Huge Black Cock in her Ass” featuring Riley Reid. The video produced by a porn company BLACKED, was uploaded by the company’s official handle on the internet pornography website Pornhub on May 12th, 2016. In the video, Riley Reid can be seen saying “Oh Fuck Yeah Spread It” during a scene whose screenshot became a meme.

On August 13, 2018, Indian Redditor Shivam091 posted the first macro of the screenshot on the Reddit community r/dankmemes with the title “Things I wanna spread in 2018”. In the first 30 days, the post received more than 7.5k upvotes with an upvote percentage of 94. Later on August 28 2018, an Imgur user Lupinzz posted the meme with the title “Name that pornstar.” Since then the meme went viral and there have been multiple instances of the meme being recreated and posted on subreddits like r/MemeEconomy and r/fakehistoryporn.

The popular use of the Oh fuck yeah spread it meme is to use it in situations where something has to be rolled out or expanded.

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