20 International Men’s Day Memes For The Men In Your Life

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Why isn’t International Men’s Day celebrated in the same way that International Women’s Day is? Because men’s accomplishments cannot be recognized in a single day. On a serious note, International Men’s Day is not about celebrating men’s achievements in the world; men are perfectly capable of doing so on their own, every other day of the year, and are far more likely to receive the recognition they do or do not deserve.

This is not a joke. It’s not something made up by insane men to attract attention. It dedicates a day of the year to men who are lonely, abandoned, and forgotten. It’s about those who have no hope and are standing on the cliff’s edge. It’s about how to change the fact that suicide is the leading cause of death.

Funny International Men’s Day Memes

1. Happy International Men’s Day!

Happy International Men's Day Meme by Wishing Bunny

2. Me and my bois!

Me and my Bois Meme on Men's Day

3. No support for World Toilet Day!

Funny Toilet Day Meme

4. Surprised!

Funny International Men's Day Wishes on The Office

5. Keep celebrating, monke!

Happy International Men's Day Meme on Equality

6. A great pleasure, indeed!

Gentlemen Meme on Men's Day

7. Whhaat???!

International Men's Day Exist Meme

8. People on Men’s Day vs Women’s Day!

Men Complaining Meme

9. All are equally important!

Always Have Been Meme on Men's Day

10. The feminism pull!

Feminism Meme on Men's Day

11. No Google Doodle celebration!

Men's Day Meme on Google

12. Have a great day!

Funny International Men's Day Wish

13. Poor World Toilet Day!

World Toilet Day Meme

14. Ooops, well said!

International Toilet Day vs Men's Day Meme

15. Not allowed just today!

No Cry on Men's Day Meme

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16. To all the easygoing men!

Happy International Men's Day Meme

17. My dude!

Womens Day vs Mens Day Meme on Girls

18. Let us know if they care!

International Men's Day Meme on Nobody cares

19. November 19th is here!

Women's Day vs Men's Day Joke

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20. The difference?!

Girls vs Boys Chads Meme on Men's Day

Thank you for restoring faith in good men! You are deserving of nothing but the best. Happy International Men’s Day guys!

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