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No Nut November (NNN) started as a fun internet challenge. The challenge is whether you can abstain from busting for a whole month ie., 30 days of November. Now since the internet is a big place you are going to run into some different rules out there but mostly NNN is about no busting in any way shape or form. You may be intimate with your partner and make love as long as you don’t “finish.” For singles, you may have boners, but you cannot come to completion.

Apart from the main rules, there are some more like you can only have one wet dream. Consider yourself out if you have more than one. You don’t have three strikes; you just have one. You’re out if you don’t make it. If you finished the month with a total of 0 nuts, you are a winner and will be eligible for Destroy Dick December.

Although the term “nut” usually refers to male org*sms, women are welcome to participate in No Nut November as well. Now, since it is a joke internet challenge, every year users post a lot of memes and puns on the trending event of November.

People participate in No Nut November for a variety of reasons, just as they do in masturbation. Many people believe they m*sturbate excessively or are addicted to sexual thoughts or pictures (eg p*rn). Some people think they could utilize the energy and time they spend on masturbation for something else. Others believe that being able to control their urges will make them “more of a man.” Some people believe that if they do not m*sturbate, their testosterone levels will rise. Obviously, beliefs are not backed by science.

Funny No Nut November Memes

1. NNN is here!

Brace Yourselves Meme On No Nut November

2. 31st October is the last day, fellas!

No Nut November Meme on Halloween

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3. No Nut November explained!

No Nut November Calendar Meme

4. Org*sm only October!

Orgasm Only October Meme

5. When are they starting to plant?!

No Nut November Pornhub Meme

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6. NNN memes are best!

NNN Challenge Memes on Jar

7. Math nerds during November!

No Nut November Maths Meme

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8. No Nut November Starter Pack!

No Nut November Starter Pack

9. Trying to stay ‘not so’ hard.

No Nut November Porn Meme

10. Enemies of NNN!

No Nut November Enemy Meme

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11. Asexuals must think you are pathetic!

Never Jerked Off Meme on NNN

12. Taking up No Shave November!

No Shave November Meme on NNN

13. Easy work!

Erectile Dysfunction Meme on NNN

14. Not nutting!

Not Nutting Meme on November

15. Call the ambulance!

Funny NNN Meme on Pants

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NNN Meme on Spooktober

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17. Beat it! Beat it!

No Fap November Meme on Beat It Michael Jackson

18. Edgy teens copying!

Funny No Nut November Meme on Edgy Teens

19. No Nut Forever for married ones!

No Nut November Meme for Married Men

20. Why do you hate November guys?!

Boys Hate November Meme on NNN

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21. Ready for December 1st?

November vs December 1st Meme on NNN

22. The challenge you used to win for too long!

NNN Win Meme

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23. Well, yes!

NNN Fail Meme

24. Tingling sensation!

NNN Meme on 5 Days

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25. The biggest of crimes!

Nutted During November Meme

Although many might not know but on November 3rd, 2011, Urban Dictionary user bicboi6969696969 defined “No Nut November” as a challenge in which “one individual must not m*sturbate for the month of November.” References to a “No Nut November” challenge began circulating online in various Reddit communities in November 2017. As a result, the No Nut November challenge was born.

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