20 Rain Memes To Lift Dampened Moods

Rain Memes on Frog
Best Rain Memes

You fired up the grill, set up the badminton net and those dark clouds are on the horizon. Well, you need no phone if it going to rain, your nose knows. Dark, rainy and stormy days that turn into nights without us even knowing are pretty cool for some but at the same time a total waste for the ones whose plans of going out got cancelled. Therefore, we have aggregated these funniest Rain memes to cheer you up since they are quite relatable.

Introverts live in a loud world. For them, it is amazing to read and relax during rain storms. A nice tea or coffee, a good book accompanied by a blanket is bliss. While others may despise rain because it makes them feel unhappy, sad, lonely, or discouraged because the sky is generally dark and dreary when it rains, and they are unable to enjoy the fresh air and all that nature has to offer.

Funny Rain Memes

1. Trying a little rain dance!

Rain Dance Meme

2. That lonely guy sitting in rain!

Guy Sitting In Rain Meme

3. Is it still raining?

Is It Raining Meme on Skeleton

4. Too much rain?

Too Much Rain Meme on Fish

5. Flood ain’t no reason to be late for work!

Flood Meme on Work

6. Time to build Noah’s Ark.

Noah's Ark Meme on Rain

7. So you carried an umbrella!

Umbrella Meme on Rain Gods

8. Romantic rainy day!

Rainy Day Meme on Teens

9. Lightning causes amputree!

Lightning Meme on Tree

10. Ready for monsoon!

Monsoon Meme on Kid Raincoat

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11. Going outside in rains!

Going Outside in Rain Meme

12. Not a great feeling!

Car Wash Meme on Mud Rain

13. Productive work during a rainy day!

Man Washing Car In Rain Meme

14. That peacock dance!

Peacock Meme on Rain

15. Extroverts be like make rain stop, please!

Stop Raining Meme

16. Clouds favor no one!

Cloud Meme on Middle Finger

17. Well, toads love the cool weather!

Frog Meme on Rain

18. We love that meme from Forrest Gump!

Forest Gump Rain Meme

19. Rain, rain go away, come again, another day!

Rain Rain Go Away Meme on Tom

20. Saves the day, for sure!

Marilyn Monroe Statue Rain Meme

Have you seen enough rain memes? Please tell us more about it in the comments area below.

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