50 Funny Barbie Jokes And Puns to Doll Up Your Glam Day

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In the vibrant world of Barbie, where fashion and dreamy adventures often take center stage, there lies a hidden gem – a treasure trove of humor and playfulness that can bring a smile to anyone’s face. This corner of the Barbie universe is dedicated to the lighter side of our beloved fashion icon, exploring the whimsical aspects that make her so endearing to people of all ages.

Is there a movie theater in Barbie’s Dream House? It’s necessary, considering the world’s most renowned doll will soon star in her own live-action blockbuster! Barbie, the legendary doll who made her debut in 1959, is set to grace the big screen in a unique adaptation. While it’s not the first toy-inspired film (think: Transformers, LEGO, G.I. Joe, and others), the forthcoming Barbie movie has the potential to stand out as exceptional — or at the very least, incredibly intriguing.

Talk about intriguing, with a collection of witty one-liners, amusing anecdotes, and side-splitting Barbie jokes (Ken too), we invite you to take a moment to step back from the glitz and glamour, and dive into a world of laughter and shared joy that transcends generations.

Best Barbie Jokes

Do you know that Barbies promote unrealistic expectations of women’s bodies?
Women’s heads are much harder to put back on in real life.

Little Johnny was looking forward to seeing Margot Robbie in her new film but ended up getting a burger instead.
Turns out he was in the wrong barbie queue.

What do you call a bunch of blondes waiting in line for meat?
A barbie queue.

Why did the male doll fall apart after Barbie friend zoned him?
Because he became Bro Ken.

Yo mama so short, she has to pay rent while living in a Barbie’s dream house!

Any funny Barbie pickup line?
“Do you want to play barbies? I’ll be Ken, and you be the box he came in.”

Knock, knock.
(Who’s there?)
(Barbie who?)
BBQ chicken.

Why does Barbie like Halloween?
It’s pump-ken time.

What did the gay street fighter say to the Barbie doll at their wedding?
“I do Ken.”

Barbie sure has a lot of nice things.
For a woman whose knees don’t bend.

Why do Barbie dolls have purple nips?
Because GI Joes have kung fu grips.

What do you get when you cross Barbie with the Pillsbury Dough Boy?
A doll with a yeast infection.

What are doldrums?
Barbie’s bongos.

Yo mama so strong, she makes She-Hulk look like a green Barbie Doll.

How does Barbie look so good despite being 63?
Plastic Surgery.

What are they calling barbie’s husband after a nap?
A woke Ken.

A little girl is playing with Barbie and Thor.
An older woman approaches her and asks, “I thought that Barbie came with Ken, not Thor?”
The little girl replies, “Nope. She comes with Thor. She just fakes it with Ken.”

Why does Barbie doesn’t have any children?
Because Ken comes in a different box.

What did the Barbie factory do when it ran out of belly buttons?
They called the the navel reserve, naturally.

What does Barbie say when the drought finally ends?
It’s raining Ken, hallelujah.

What did the authorities do when Barbie’s boyfriend was involved in a serious car accident?
They contacted his next of Ken.

Why did Barbie go to a yoga retreat in Australia?
She heard about all the Ken gurus.

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Barbie and Thor were getting it on for hours and finally at the finish, Thor let’s out a guttural primal scream, banging his chest, “I AM THOR!!!”
Barbie looks at him and says, “You’re Thor? You’re Thor? I’m tho Thor I can hardly pith!!”

Mom: What do you want for your birthday, honey?
Susie: Barbie and G.I. Joe!

Mom: Barbie comes with Ken, sweetie.
Susie: No mum, Barbie goes with Ken. She comes with G.I. Joe.

Yo mama so short, she gets mistaken for a barbie doll.

What happened to Bar-A?
We only ever hear about Barbie.

What do you call a doctor for Barbies?
A plastic surgeon.

One day, a father leaves work and realizes, on his way home, that it is his daughter’s birthday. He pulls up to a toy store and inquires, “How much is the Barbie displayed in the front window?” The salesperson responds, “Which one is it? Workout Barbie costs $19.95, Shopping Barbie costs $19.95, Beach Barbie costs $19.95, Disco Barbie costs $19.95, and Divorced Barbie costs $265.95.” The perplexed father inquires, “What? Why is the Divorced Barbie $265.95 while the other Barbies are only $19.95?”
The salesperson answers, “Sir, Divorced Barbie comes with Ken’s car, Ken’s house, Ken’s boat, Ken’s furniture, Ken’s computer, and one of Ken’s friends.”

What do you call an Australian looking after his grill?
A barbie sitter.

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Why did Barbie smell like fish?
Because Australians like throwing shrimp on her.

Why did Barbie become a baker?
She wanted to make doll-icious treats!

Why did the vegan girl get a Susie Q doll?
She found Barbie Q distasteful.

What do you call a Nazi Barbie doll?
A barb-aryan.

What do you call a male Barbie doll who used to be in a frat and lost his self-confidence?

What animal is Barbie?
A chicken, because she is the chick of Ken.

A wife was teaching her children that Barbie and Disney were sexist and misogynistic.
The husband happens to believe that children learn through examples set by their parents.
So he told my wife to shut her yap and get back in the kitchen.

Where was Barbie’s boyfriend from?

What do you call a Barbie doll that’s stuck in someone’s stomach?
GI Jane!

What did the newspaper print when Barbie died of a drug overdose?
A barbituary.

Why did Barbie go to hell?

Did you hear the next Barbie doll is going to be an Army Barbie?
She specializes in plastic explosives.

What’s the difference between Barbie and MJ?
Little girls like Barbie. MJ likes little girls.

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Why did Barbie’s Mansion lose power?
She blew a Transformer.

What did Pirate Barbie say when her boyfriend touched her booty?
Release the crack, Ken.

Do you know that lots of people want to have sex with Barbie?
The way they see it, she has more value with her box open!

Did you hear that Mattel released a Muslim Barbie?
It’s a blow-up doll.

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