35 Funny Fried Chicken Jokes & Puns To Leave You Squawking

Funny Fried Chicken Jokes
Funny Fried Chicken Jokes

You get free fried chicken! Your friend gets free chicken! Everybody gets free fried chicken! Damn, if it happens, then it has to be some alternate reality. After all, who doesn’t love it? We all do, and we all want chicken at every meal every day.

The chicken is more pleasant and edible if it is fried because oils enhance its taste but on the other hand, it is also fatty, but who cares? Right. Therefore, we have aggregated these best Fried Chicken Jokes for you to enjoy with your meal.

Best Fried Chicken Jokes

What do fried chicken and women have in common?
Both could potentially give you heart problems.

Where did the first chicken fry take place?

What would the name of Napoleon Bonaparte’s fried chicken joint be?
The French Fries.

What did the Korean fried chicken wing have to say about the fried chicken leg?
“Boy, I wish I could fry.”

What’s fried chicken being stir-fried by a zombie called?
Dead man woking.

What makes a hand different from a frying pan?
The meat shrinks in the frying pan. However, it keeps growing on the hand.

Why did the employee leave a bucket of fried chicken on his boss’ doorstep?
He was tendering his resignation.

What’s the hardest part of making deliciously crispy fried chicken?
Teaching the chicken to cook.

Joana planned to celebrate National Fried Chicken Day with her family. She visited a local fried chicken restaurant. Her patience was being tested as she waited in line. She mumbled under her breath, “typical nigger,” when the woman in front of her ordered fried chicken.
“Good lord, could you be any more racist?” the woman exclaimed.
“Sure,” Joana answered, putting a chain around the woman’s neck and leading the woman to her cotton plantation.

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What day of the week annoys the chickens most?

What do you order at KFC?
Afraid chicken.

How does Miss Marple like her fried chicken?
Agatha Crispy.

I’m making air-fried chicken tonight.
I don’t have a recipe, so I guess I’ll have to wing it.

A chicken that has been struck by lightning is referred to as what?
Air fried or Electri-fried.

Why was the chicken wearing sunscreen?
So he wouldn’t get fried.

How should chicken be cooked for monsters?
Terror fried!

What did the chicken do when he saw the bucket of fried chicken?
He kicked the bucket.

Friend 1: Man, I am feeling guilty for killing and eating chicken on National Fried Chicken Day.
Friend 2: Nah! It’s not a big deal!
Friend 1: It is. You see, now I think I’m getting haunted by a poultrygeist.
Friend 2: Oh! Wow! Ok, so you better find an eggsorcist.

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Why is Chick-fil-A so popular?
They figured out how to sell white people fried chicken.

Where did the music notes go to get some fried chicken?
Key Of C.

What makes Koreans so skilled at making fried chicken?
Because it’s Seoul food.

Why do people of color like eating fried chicken?
Because it’s delicious.

What do you call a sunburned chicken?
Fried Chicken.

What is the distinction between organic and GMO fried chicken?

What stuff did the monk use to prepare fried chicken?
A deep friar.

A hen is conversing with its chick.
Chick: Why do humans have names but not us? We are only referred to as hens, chickens, or roosters.
Hen: We may not be given names, but when we die, we are given many. Humans, on the other hand, are referred to as zombies or ghosts.
Chick: What are we called when we die?
Hen: Names like chicken curry, chicken tikka, roasted chicken, and fried chicken.

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Cardinal: Do you like fried chicken, your Holiness?
Pope: Yes.

Which came first, the egg or the chicken?
First and foremost, eggs for breakfast! Fried chicken for dinner!

When the class teacher inquired about a kid’s favorite animal, he replied, “Fried chicken.”
She said it wasn’t funny, but she couldn’t be right because everyone else was laughing.
The kid’s parents always told him to tell the truth. He did. His favorite animal is fried chicken.
When he informed his father what had happened, he assumed that his kid’s teacher was a member of PETA.
The father stated that they adore animals. But the kid does as well. Particularly chicken, hog, and beef.
In any case, his teacher directed him to the principal’s office. When the kid told him what had happened, the principal laughed as well. He then warned the kid not to do it again.
The next day in class, the same teacher asked the kid what his favorite animal was. The kid informed her that it was chicken.
When she questioned why he told her it was because they could be turned into fried chicken.
Again, she drove the kid to the principal’s office.
The principal laughed yet again and said he shouldn’t do it again. But the kid wasn’t sure he understood. His parents trained him to be truthful, but his teacher dislikes it when he does.
His teacher asked him today who he admired the most in the world.
“Colonel Sanders,” the kid said. You can guess where he is now…!

What is the term used when you give your friend a few dollars, some loose change, and a few little pieces of fried chicken to whom you owed $20?
A legal tender.

A woman walks into a café in a tiny provincial town in the south.
She orders the fried chicken and begins eating. Later, she chokes on a chicken bone while eating too quickly.
So, when the two country boys at the next booth notice she’s coughing, they get up and rush over to aid her. The first country lad removes his coveralls and bends over, as the second begins licking his butt cheeks.
She pukes everywhere, dislodging the chicken bone from her throat.
The country boy pulls his coveralls back up and says to the other excitedly, “You’re right Billy Bob, that Hind-Lick Maneuver works like a charm!”

Alcoholic: Could I leave some tequila and fried chicken?
Taxi Driver: Sure man!
The next moment, the alcoholic puked on the seats of the taxi.

Yo mama so fat, her Patronus is a fried chicken.

The grandchild used to be quite curious when he was younger. He used to ask my grandfather questions.
Kid: Grandpa, why is it raining?
Grandpa: Son, mama earth gets thirsty from time to time.
Kid: Also, why do animals die?
Grandpa: Mama gets hungry sometimes, too, bud. I believe that’s all for today.
Kid: Grandpa, one more! What causes forest fires? They were taught to me in school today!
Grandpa: Son, mama sometimes loves them fried.
Later, the kid struggled to convince his girlfriend that instead of donating money, they should toss some fried chicken in their garden to support Australia.

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What do serial killers and fried chicken lovers have in common?
They both agree that the skin is the nicest part.

Why do bl*ck people like fried chicken?
Because it’s freaking good that’s why!

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