80 Funny Geometry Jokes That Make Every Angle Hilarious

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Geometry, that realm of mathematics where shapes, lines, and points collide in an elegant dance, is where you learn that “pi” isn’t just something you eat. Ah, the joy of deciphering the Pythagorean theorem or proving that parallel lines never meet! It’s like the soap opera of the math world. Love triangles, intersecting lines, and dramatic arcs all make their appearance. Forget ‘Days of Our Lives’; here, it’s the ‘Angles of Our Lives’ that captivate us, keeping us locked in a cosmic tango between dimensions and degrees.

But why are geometry jokes the snack mix of the math humor universe? It’s because geometry itself is a mix of the abstract and the absurdly logical. A geometry joke is like telling your friend that you’ve got a “point,” but this one exists only in mathematical space! Geometry jokes make even the most complex theorems look like child’s play, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good angle on humor? They’re the kind of jokes that make both the geek and the Greek philosopher in you chuckle. Yes, you can have your Pi and eat it too while enjoying acute joke! So the next time you’re caught in a hypotenuse of seriousness, let a geometry joke be the compass that draws you back to the lighter side of life.

Best Geometry Jokes

What do you call a broken angle?
A rectangle

What do witch doctors use to remove curses?

What among the Kardashian family is best at doing co-ordinate geometry?
Kim Cartesian.

Yo mama so stupid, she brought a thermometer to her geometry class, so she could measure degrees in Fahrenheit!

A horse walks into a triangular bar of dimensions X,Y, and Z, where X and Z are perpendicular. He asks the barman where the toilets are.
“Y, the long face.”

What shape do you use to capture a member of Planet Express?

Knock, knock.
(Who’s there?)
(Axis who?)
Axis for chopping, saw is for cutting.

What do you call people who are in favor of tractors?

Gabriel’s Horn is a geometric figure formed by rotating f(x)=1/x about the x-axis. It has finite volume, but infinite surface area.
This is the complete opposite of the Vuvuzela, which has a finite surface area, but infinite volume.

Why was the geometry teacher late for work?
Because she took the rhombus.

What did the acorn say when it grew up?
Gee, I’m a tree (Geometry).

What do you call an American parallelogram?
A parallelo-ounce.

What do you call a Dent that looks better from a different angle?

Yo mama so ugly, that Pythagorean wouldn’t touch her with a 3-4-5 triangle!

How do you hang a man at an angle?
With a hypotenuse.

What do you get if you divide a pumpkin’s circumference by its diameter?
Pumpkin π.

Three mathematicians walk into a bar. They sit down and begin discussing geometry.
Mathematician 1: You know, a 5-sided figure is called a pentagon, and a 6-sided figure is called a hexagon.
Mathematician 2: Yeah, but what should we call a 2-sided figure?
Mathematician 3: Let’s just let bigons be bigons!

Why is North Korea so good at geometry?
Because they have a supreme ruler!

How does a geometry teacher drink beer?
From pint A to pint B.

Where do shapes go to pay for their crimes?
A prism.

What is life without Geometry?

Do you know that Geometry is the work of Satan?
It makes people sin.

A rooster smokes marijuana and walks in a circle. What is the name for the ratio of the circumference of that circle to its diameter?
Chicken pot pi.

There was a horse who was a genius at arithmetic which it learned with no difficulty.
Algebra was a breeze, and it could even prove theorems in Euclidean geometry. However, when someone tried to teach it analytic geometry, it would rear back on its hind legs, kick ferociously, neigh loudly, and make violent head motions in resistance.
The moral of this story is that you can’t put Descartes before the horse.

Why was Yoda bad at geometry?
Because to him there are no triangles, only do-or-do-not-angles.

What do you call a nine-sided polygon that wishes to remain anonymous?

Why are fishermen so good at geometry?
Cause they’re good anglers.

Yo mama is a polygon with unlimited sides.

What do you call a bird that’s doing its best at geometry?
A trying gull.

What happened to the Pentagon which lost an angle?
It got squared up.

What do you use to capture a Parallelogram?
A Trapezoid.

A geometry professor goes into a tattoo shop and asks to get π on his back.
After a few hours, he asks the tattoo artist, “Why is it taking so long to do the symbol for pi?” “Oh!” said the artist, surprised. “You wanted the symbol.”

Why does Marx like geometry so much?
Because of all the ENGELS.

Do you know that Geometry is actually pretty cool?
You just have to look at it from the Right Angle!

Did you hear about Britain’s new math textbooks?
They teach clidean geometry.

Which angle are you most likely to ask out on a date?
Acute angle.

Yo mama so obtuse, they taught about her in geometry.

Why is it so cheap to buy 12 rhombuses?
Because they’re a diamond dozen.

At what angle do most car accidents happen?
The Rectangle (Wrecked Angle).

Because hippos are surprisingly dangerous, zoologists use the Pythagorean theorem to calculate the length of their backs.
This is called finding the hippotenuse.

In geometry class, the teacher went up to the board and drew a 23-degree angle.
She then drew a 67-degree angle. The class was astonished when the angles started talking! The first one said “That’s a lovely blouse you’re wearing.” and the second one chimed in “And I love what you’ve done with your hair.”
The students asked the teacher if she knew what was going on. She sighed and said, “Well, these angles are supposed to be complementary, but I guess they don’t know how to spell.”

What type of math do earthworms excel at?
Annelidic Geometry.

How did the geometry teacher kill himself?
He used a hypote-noose.

What do you call a group of Geometry classes?
A geomeforest.

How to pick up that girl in geometry class?
“Damn girl, thats a nice Angle Side Side. Its real acute.”

How do flat earthers travel the world?
On a plane.

Yo mama so old, she used to babysit Pythagoras.

Why are acute angles always so depressed?
Because they’re never right.

Did you hear about the convention for irregular and non-quadrilateral shapes?
Be there or be sqaure.

An engineering student, a geometry major, and a star basketball player are trapped on a desert island.
They’re debating how to get off the island or get rescued. The engineering student looks around and sees only a few palm trees and some coconuts.
“We need to cut down the trees and make a raft to sail away on.” He says and starts designing.
“We need a basketball to pass the time.” The basketball player says and walks over to grab a coconut.
The geometry major’s eyes light up and he rushes over to help the basketball player set up a hoop.
“Why are you wasting your time helping him instead of me?” The engineering student sneers as he struggles to tie two logs together with palm fronds.
Instead of answering, the geometry major makes a line in the sand a good distance from the makeshift hoop and hands the basketball player a coconut. The basketball player lines up a shot and sinks it with ease.
With a smile, the geometry student turns to the engineering student and says, “Because 3 points always make a plane.” Then he flies away.

What’s a geometry teacher’s favorite drink?

What did the geometry teacher say when the class had trouble solving a problem?
“Let’s try a different angle.”

What do you call a fish that majors in geometry?
An Angle-r fish.

What do you call a geometry teacher with multiple wives?
A Polygonist.

Yo mama so fat, her surface is a two-dimensional euclidean space.

What did the linguistics professor fail in Geometry?
He was really bad a translating!

Why did the square fall in love with the triangle?
Because she had acute angle.

Why are 89-degree angles sad?
Because they’re almost right, but not quite.

A panicked mathematician rushes into his professor’s office.
The professor looks up in shock from his work to see one of his students slamming a high school geometry textbook on his desk.
“What’s wrong?!” exclaims the professor.
“They’ve updated the syllabus,” the mathematician replies.
The professor, still confused, watches the mathematician frantically flip through page after page of the textbook until he lands on one littered with questions.
“Sir, Just look at this maths problem,” the mathematician explains, pointing to a particular geometry question, “There’s a detailed explanation beside it with step-by-step instructions! Now high school students will never be challenged and never retain enough knowledge from mathematics!”
The professor looked at the question, and sure enough, there was a written procedure to solve each question.
“The students won’t apply the related formulas to solve anything because it’s already written for them!” says the professor in frustration.
“Exactly!” responds the student.
The professor thinks for a moment, and then says, “So these new-clear questions… they’re weapons of maths destruction!”

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Why was the mermaid kicked out of Geometry class?
She forgot her Algae-bra.

Did you hear about the vaccine to make you better at geometry?
It’s called Pythagorean Serum.

What do you get when you cross geometry with McDonald’s?
A plane cheeseburger.

Yo mama so fat, she took geometry because she heard there was gonna be π.

Why did the geometry teacher flunk out of culinary school?
Because his pi(es) r squared.

How would a gamer prove the difference of squares formula?
Using Geometry Bash.

What did the mathematician call their parrot when it stopped eating?
What did they call it when it died?

Aaron is in geometry class. His teacher is yelling at him because he’s wearing AirPods while the teacher is talking. In the middle of his rant, Aaron says “You’re such a square!”
The teacher says, “Prove it”.

Why did the angry Geometry teacher download the circle?
He was 2 PiRate.

Yo mama so fat, in a love triangle she’d be the hypotenuse.

What did one lover say to another?
“We are like intersecting lines because our attraction to each other is unparalleled.”

Why was Osama Bin Laden kicked out of geometry class?
He kept blowing up the pentagons.

What do you call an unstoppable rectangle warmonger?
Der Reichtangle.

When does a Pentagon have only 4 sides?
When it is intercepted by a plane.

Yo mama so fat, when she sat on a 12 ft. three-dimensional Cube, she turned it into a 20 ft. two-dimensional Circle!

Why are h*mosexuals poor at geometry?
They can’t even draw straight.

What do you call a h*rny geometry class?

How is p*rnography like geometry?
It’s all about angles.

Where does s*xually open-minded geometry take place?
A biplane.

Who won the argument between the 20-degree angle and the 90-degree angle?
The 90-degree angle because 90 degrees is always right.

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