Top 25 Funny Holi Jokes for Kids and Adults

Holi Jokes on Festival

Whether you’re exchanging cute Holi jokes for kids at your family’s Holi celebration or texting Holi ke chutkule to all your friends, funny Holi jokes are the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit.

Given all, we could all use a little more Holi happiness after the torrid past couple of years we’ve had!

These hilarious holiday-themed Twitter jokes will make you laugh your Bhang off, with anything from ridiculously silly holiday puns to utterly humorous Holi jokes for youngsters. Apart from Holi Wishes and Memes, we’ve also added a few of the naughtiest jokes for an extra dose of seasonal fun—for adults only, please!

So head on to the jokes and spread happiness this Holi by sharing these jokes with your friends and family.

Top Happy Holi Jokes of 2022

1. I love you but just as a friend.

Eco-Friendly Holi Joke

2. Bathe Like Everday.

Holi Joke on Saving Water

3. Holi Selfies.

Holi Joke on Selfies

4. Post-Holi Nap!

Post-Holi Joke

5. Red Faced People.

Holi Joke on Office

6. Best Feeling in the world?

Holi Joke on Ticket Booking

7. Water-less Joke on Holi!

Water less Holi Joke


Holi Joke on Holi Hai

9. Rang de Basanti!

Rang de Basanti Joke on Holi

10. Balam Pichkari jo tune muje maari!

Balam Pichkari Joke

11. Standing under shower!

Happy Holi Joke on Save Water

12. Rang Mat Lagana Please!

Holi Joke on Pakka Rang

13. Holi-Diwali Parallels!

Holi Joke on Diwali

14. Big Bucket of Water.

Holi Joke on Rasna

15. Drink Neat.

Holi Joke on Neat

16. Gulab Jamun is just a Rasgulla…

Gulab Jamun Joke on Holi

17. Holi marks the Beginning and Ending for some.

Jokes on Holi

18. Pre-Holi Celebrations?

Joke on pre-holi celebration

19. Nibba-Nibbi Joke!

Nibba Nibbi Joke on Holi

20. Show your true colours now!

Happy Holi Joke on true colors

21. Rangeen People!

Holi Joke on Colours

22. Pass out with flying colors!

Holi Joke on Bhang

23. Did you actually play Holi?

Holi Joke on Face

24. Stay Safe!

Holi Joke on Bhaang

25. Bas etna ameer hona hai…

Bas etna ameer hona hai Joke on Holi

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