25 Funny Holi Poems to Celebrate the Festival of Colors

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Holi, the festival of colors, is one of the most joyous and fun-filled festivals celebrated in India and other parts of the world. People come together to smear each other with colored powder and water, dance to music, and exchange sweets and gifts.

Along with all the excitement and merriment, Holi is also a great occasion to showcase your creativity and humor. What better way to do so than through funny Holi poems? In this blog, we will explore some hilarious and witty poems that will make you and your loved ones laugh out loud this Holi season. So, get ready to indulge in some good humor and celebrate Holi in style!

Holi Poems in English

It’s Holi time, let’s forget our woes,
And douse each other with colors and hose!

The colors of Holi bring joy and cheer,
A time of celebration, year after year.

We play with water and throw bright powders,
Smiling and laughing, like happy flowers.

The reds and yellows, pinks and blues,
All mixed together, in joyful hues.

We dance and sing, our hearts full of love,
Thanking the heavens, and powers above.

The festival of Holi is a time of renewal,
To wash away our worries, and feel brand new.

So, let us come together, and celebrate,
With family and friends, it’s never too late.

The colors of Holi, bring us all closer,
A time of togetherness, that we will forever treasure.

Colors of Holi,
Bring us together,
A festival of love,
That lasts forever.

Don’t be afraid of the Holi fight,
Just pick up a balloon and aim it right!

Colors of Holi, so bright and gay,
My white shirt’s now in disarray.
But I don’t mind, it’s all in fun,
With friends and family, I’ll get it done!

The festival of colors is here,
Let’s fill our hearts with love and cheer.

We throw and splash, colors everywhere,
Our faces and clothes, in hues beyond compare.

The air is filled, with the fragrance of spring,
As we celebrate, the triumph of good over sin.

Let’s forget our worries, and leave them behind,
As we come together, with an open mind.

We dance and sing, to the beat of the drum,
And chase away, all that’s glum.

Holi hai! Let’s spread joy and laughter,
And celebrate with friends and family, forever after.

So, let’s play with colors, and make merry,
Holi hai! Let’s celebrate this festival with glee.

On this Holi day, my heart beats for you,
As I see you drenched in red and blue.
Let’s play with colors, let’s dance and sing,
And celebrate this festival of love, with everything!

Don’t worry about the mess,
Just enjoy the Holi fest!

Let’s dance and sing,
And spread some cheer,
Holi is here,
To bring us near.

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The joy of Holi is in the air,
A time of happiness that we all share.

With colors and water, we celebrate,
A festival of love, that’s never too late.

The reds and yellows, pinks and greens,
All blended together, in colorful scenes.

We throw and smear, with playful glee,
And dance to the music, wild and free.

The joy of Holi is not just for one,
It’s for everyone, beneath the sun.

So, let’s come together, and celebrate,
With love and laughter, that’s never too late.

The joy of Holi is in our hearts,
A time to embrace, and make a fresh start.

Let’s forget our differences, and unite,
As we celebrate this festival, with all our might.

Holi, Holi, it’s the day,
To forget all worries and play.
Drench each other in colors so bright,
And make merry till the night!

This Holi, let’s make a splash,
And forget about our daily cash!

The reds, the greens, the yellows too,
Holi colors for me and you.
Throw them high, let them fly,
And make the world a rainbow in the sky!

On Holi, colors fill the air,
And joy and laughter, are everywhere.

But one man, he was so afraid,
Of colors on his clothes, he’d rather have stayed.

His friends all tried, to coax him out,
But he refused, with a serious pout.

“You’ll ruin my clothes, and make me look bad,”
He said, “I’d rather just stay home, and be sad.”

But his friends were clever, and had a plan,
To get him out, and join the fun.

They sprayed him with water, and smeared some red,
And before he knew it, he was covered head to toe in color, instead.

He protested at first, but soon he saw,
That it was all in good fun, and he had nothing to fear, after all.

So, they danced and played, and had a ball,
And he laughed so hard, he almost had a fall.

On Holi, colors bring us all together,
And make us forget, our worries forever.

So, let’s embrace the fun, and enjoy the ride,
Even if we end up, a bit colored outside!

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On Holi day, I paint the town,
In shades of pink, green and brown.
My face, my clothes, even my hair,
All covered in colors, everywhere!

Holi is the time to forget,
All the things we usually regret!

Gulal, abeer, pichkari ki dhun,
Holi is here, let’s have some fun.
Smear colors, dance and sing,
And let our hearts take wing!

On Holi day, we play with colors,
And splash each other, like playful brothers.

But one man, he took it too far,
And ended up, like a rainbow-colored star.

He threw too much powder, too much dye,
And soon he was, the center of everyone’s eye.

His friends all laughed, as he tried to hide,
But it was too late, his face was now multi-hued, far and wide.

He tried to wash it off, but to no avail,
The colors had seeped in, like a stubborn snail.

So, he walked around, like a walking joke,
And people pointed and laughed, every time he spoke.

But he took it all in stride, and joined the fun,
And soon he was, a part of everyone.

On Holi day, we forget our troubles,
And embrace the colors, that make us bubble.

So, let’s laugh and play, and have some folly,
And celebrate Holi, in all its jolly!

On Holi day, I’m a kid once more,
Playing with colors, like never before.
No worries, no cares, just happiness galore,
And memories that will last forevermore!

The aroma of Gujiya, so divine,
Makes my taste buds, want to dine.
Let’s enjoy its flavor, let’s feel the bliss,
And make this Holi, a sweet moment to miss.

Choose a color
to paint this day
Will it be red
or yellow, you say

Don’t get stuck
to routine drab grey
This moment, a canvas
brighten it your way

Once you’re done
do look around, I pray
Choose a color
let’s paint your stay.

On Holi day, we throw and smear,
Colors and water, without any fear.

But one man, he had a mishap,
And ended up, like a splotchy map.

He slipped on some water, and fell on his back,
And all the colors, landed on his track.

He tried to get up, but slipped again,
And this time, he was covered in colors, like rain.

His friends all laughed, and tried to help,
But every time they touched him, they stained themselves.

They finally managed to get him on his feet,
But now he looked, like a walking treat.

He had colors on his hair, his face, his clothes,
And every time he moved, he dripped like a hose.

But he laughed along, and joined the fun,
And soon he was, like a shining sun.

On Holi day, we forget our woes,
And embrace the colors, that make us glow.

So, let’s dance and play, and have some cheer,
And celebrate Holi, without any fear!

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As I see you drenched in colors so bright,
My heart fills with love and pure delight.
Let’s celebrate this Holi, just me and you,
And make this day a memory to cherish anew!

As I feel the soft touch of Gulal,
My heart fills with love, so magical.
Let’s play with colors, let’s dance and sing,
And make this Holi, a joyous spring.

Gujiya, the sweet delight,
Fills my heart with pure delight.
Let’s savor its taste, let’s relish its flavor,
And make this Holi, a moment to savor.

Holi, the festival of colors,
Is also a time to savor flavors.

From gujiya to thandai,
And puran poli to dahi bhalla high,

There’s no shortage of dishes to try,
As we celebrate with family and friends nearby.

The air is filled with fragrant aromas,
As we indulge in festive foods with joyous comas.

Bhang and pakoras, chaat and laddoos,
Every bite is like a burst of hues.

As we play with colors and dance to beats,
We relish the treats that make our hearts skip a beat.

So let’s raise a toast to the feast and fun,
As we embrace the colors of life as one.

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