80 Funny Rizz Jokes and Puns To Up Your Game

Funny Rizz Jokes and Puns
Funny Rizz Jokes and Puns

Rizz is a new term for “game”, as in the ability to seduce someone, that was coined by YouTuber/streamer Kai Cenat. As per the YouTuber, Rizz is the state of being when using your charisma to turn a situation from unfavorable to favorable or the mojo you feel when getting results from spitting game. The term “Rizz” is short for charisma (cha-rizz-ma). Since Rizz is new slang proliferating quickly through social media in a very meme/like way.

Nowadays, the trend on TikTok is about the unspoken Rizz. Unspoken Rizz is a slang phrase for guys that says a man can effortlessly attract ladies and is desirable without trying. Rizz Nicknames is a collection of puns based on the slang term rizz that creates nicknames for those with “unspoken rizz.”

Best Rizz Puns

  1. Adolf Rizzler
  2. Degree in Quantum Rizzics
  3. Chuck Norris used to be good with the ladies but now, he’s just Chuck no-rizz.
  4. Get a rizztraining order
  5. Rizzly bear
  6. Otto von Rizzmark
  7. Queen Erizzabeth
  8. Yer a rizzard Harry
  9. Rizz and Morty
  10. First rizzponder
  11. My chemical rizzmance
  12. Rizzson for the Season
  13. 13 rizzon why
  14. Cellular rizzperation
  15. Rizzy neutron
  16. Rizzard of Oz
  17. The Grinch Who Stole Rizzmas
  18. I’m gonna rule you like Rizzton Churchill
  19. Jojos Rizzare Adventure
  20. Rizz Al Ghul

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  1. Mao ZeRizzle
  2. Creating a New Year’s Rizzolution
  3. The Boy Who Cried Rizz
  4. Corona Virizz
  5. Joseph Rizzlin
  6. The Last Rizzort
  7. Rizzurection of Christ
  8. Abraham Rizzcoln
  9. Rizzel Castro
  10. Rizztiano Ronaldo
  11. Prisoner of Rizzkaban
  12. Lionel Rizzi
  13. Friedrizz engels
  14. From the State of Rizzouri
  15. Rizzenito Rizzolini
  16. Anakin Rizzwalker
  17. Rizz Khalifa
  18. The Grim Rizzper
  19. Frizzenstein
  20. Jeff rizzos
  21. Martin Luther Rizz
  22. Rizz Truss
  23. Elemental Rizzonance
  24. Rizzasaurus Rex
  25. Kamala Harizz
  26. Rizzle me this, Batman!
  27. Rizzma balls! 
  28. Chrizztina Aguilera
  29. Rizz Ze Dong
  30. Search 7 chests at rizzky reel
  31. Joerizz Stalin
  32. Lord of the Rizz
  33. The boy in the rizzed pajamas
  34. Kanye rizzest
  35. Rizzo the Rat
  36. Theodore Rizzavelt
  37. Mike Rizzowski
  38. The polar rizzpress
  39. Walt Rizzney
  40. Osama Rizz Laden
  41. Rizztopher Columbus
  42. Wolverizz
  43. Queen arizzabeth
  44. Arnold rizzanegar
  45. Rizztimus Prime
  46. Artirizzal Intelligence
  47. Rizzacado avacodo
  48. Jeffrey Rizzstein
  49. Qualified for Rizzlemania
  50. Jack the Rizzer
  51. Frosty the Rizzmani
  52. Rizzilicous
  53. Chrizz Brown
  54. The grand rizzard
  55. Ghost of rizzmas past
  56. Rizz lords of the sea
  57. Member of the nation of rizzlam
  58. Three rizzmarals
  59. Rizz Al Ghoul
  60. Geralt of Rizzia

Have a Rizz joke name? Post your own Rizz puns and one-liners in the comment section below!

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