60 Funny TikTok Jokes You Can’t Help But Laugh At

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TikTok, ah, the digital realm where 15 seconds can make you a star! Originating from China and known initially as Douyin, this social media app quickly took the world by storm, allowing users to create, share, and discover short, catchy videos on almost any topic imaginable. With its viral dances, lip-sync challenges, and bizarre trends, TikTok has become a cultural phenomenon, drawing in a massive, diverse user base spanning numerous countries. From Gen Z to Boomers, everyone’s either on TikTok or has heard about its compelling content, and if they haven’t, they’re probably living under a digital rock.

Now, with such a vibrant and vast platform comes an equally vibrant array of jokes – the TikTok Jokes. These jokes aren’t just about TikTok but are often borne out of the quirky trends and memorable moments that emerge on the app. TikTok jokes showcase the app’s ability to turn anything and everything into a laughing matter, reminding us that while the internet can be a wild place, it’s also a space where we can all share a good chuckle. Just remember, the next time you see someone moving their arms oddly in public, they might just be practicing for their next viral hit!

Best TikTok Jokes

Facebook is full of stolen pics from Reddit, Imgur and Tumblr.
Twitter is just stolen Facebook jokes.
Instagram is literally just a screenshot of Twitter.
And TikTok is just Twitter jokes acted out.

Yo mama so old, she tried to make a TikTok and broke her hip.

What do COVID and TikTok have in common?
They infect everything they touch.

What do Instagram and TikTok have in common?
They don’t make you dumb, they just expose who the dumb ones are.

For class today, the teacher brought in a drug addict to show kids the adverse effects of drugs.
This man was a real mess. He would use coffee as a stimulant throughout the day, alcohol to alleviate his anxieties, sweets for his depression, TikTok to get dopamine hits, and shitty TV at night to mindlessly pacify him.

A man went viral after making a TikTok video describing how to keep cool without any air conditioning.
He has a lot of fans.

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Did you hear about the grandma who started sharing her recipes on TikTok?
Now she’s on OnlyNans.

How many light bulbs does it take to change a blonde?
With a TikTok account and some decent photo editing software, only about 4.

Did you guys hear TikTok will probably get banned?
Wonder what sound clocks will make if that happens!

What do you call a TikToker who encourages kids to do drugs?
A bad influencer.

Yo mama so vegan, she has a tiktok account that sings songs canceling people and pretending that people likes her and also deprives your dog of its natural food and falsely calls herself a teacher.

What do you give an influencer with bad breath?
A tik tok.

What lizard eats seaweed underwater and post dancing videos to TikTok?

Why isn’t the Sun ever featured on your Tik Tok “for you” page?
It was shadow banned.

I had a nightmare last night that my TikTok account was deleted.
It was scary because I thought I had a Tik Tok account for a second.

I recently met a cute girl at a club who told me she was a TikTok influencer.
Cool, I said. I’m on pornhub; perhaps we should collaborate.
Either way, it’s only gonna last 10 seconds.

What is Captain Hook’s least favorite social media site?

Do you know why it was named TikTok?
Because in just a matter of seconds it steals all your data!

What do you call a urologist with a TikTok account?
A DikDok.

What’s a place a TikTok star could go and not be noticed?
A bar.

What do you call a really good TikTok?

What’s a clockmaker’s favorite social media site?

What does a stopwatch do when it is bored?
It makes a TikTok.

What do you call the game where you use your foot to swipe through viral videos?
Tik Tok Toe.

What do you call a minty horse on social media?
A tik tok tic tac clip clop.

What’s the quickest way to stop your kids from watching TikTok?
Start watching it yourself, so it is no longer cool.

Where do clocks upload their videos?
Tik Tok.

Why can’t you rewind TikTok videos?
Because Tik Tok!

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How can you tell if a TikToker has mental health issues?
They’ll tell you.

What’s so ridiculous about ByteDance buying, a Shanghai-based social media start-up, for up to $1 billion?

They could have gotten it for free on the App Store!
If you’re on straight TikTok keep it to yourself, that shit is embarrassing.

What are the other viruses that originate from China apart from Covid-19?

No matter how good a video is, it’s bad if it has a TikTok watermark. – Confucius

What is a clock’s favorite app?

What does the letter ‘P’ stand for in TikTok?

Where do you find heterosexual people on TikTok?
Straight TikTok.

How to become a singer?
Lip-sync on TikTok.

How will you know if someone does not have TikTok?
They will tell you.

Why will you find Voldemort on TikTok but not on Facebook?
Because he has followers, not friends.

How can you feel genius all the time?
Be friends with TikTokers.

Knock, knock.
(Who’s there?)
Like for!
(Like for who?)
Like for part too!

What do TikTok and a refrigerator have in common?
You keep going back to check whether there’s anything decent in it every few minutes!

Yo mama so stupid, she installed Tiktok on her phone to see what time it is!

Why do people who have TikTok get sick?
Because of all the influenzas.

Why did my wife keep insisting make a TikTok account?
Because I am really good for about 15 seconds.

Tik Tok is mostly comprised of millions of individuals imitating one another.
The app’s name should be changed to Kpy Kat.

What is the best thing a tailor can do on TikTok?
Stitch together two videos.

What’s a crazy fact about Ke$ha’s TikTok?
It is older than most of the TikTokers.

Why did you become a TikToker?
To cut a long story short…

Why is TikTok so popular?
Since one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

How weird was my ex-girlfriend/boyfriend?
So weird that TikTok banned her/his videos and sent them back to

Every TikToker should be a stand-up comedian.
They should be aware of what it’s like to be unemployed.

What’s cringe?
Anyone on TikTok.

A wise man asked another wise man, “What is the secret to happiness?”
“To not argue with TikTokers” replied the other.
“I disagree,” said the wise man.
To which the wise man replied,” Yes and I agree.”

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What are the similarities between a Tiktok video and a penis?
They’re not very long, lasting barely 30 seconds, and they’re always a letdown.

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Why did the influencer terrorist get arrested?
Because his tick tock blew up.

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