30 Funny UFO Jokes That Are Out of This World

Funny UFO Jokes and Puns
Funny UFO Jokes and Puns

UFO stands for “unidentified flying object,” which refers to any aerial phenomenon or object that cannot be readily identified by an observer. While many people associate the term with extraterrestrial spacecraft, the majority of UFO sightings turn out to have mundane explanations, such as weather phenomena, aircraft, or natural phenomena.

People crack UFO jokes and alien humor for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is simply a way to make light of something that is unfamiliar or potentially scary. Other times, it may be a way to express skepticism or disbelief about the existence of extraterrestrial life or the possibility of UFO sightings. Additionally, popular culture has often portrayed aliens and UFOs in a humorous or exaggerated way, which has contributed to the widespread use of jokes and humor in relation to these topics.

Best UFO Jokes

Did you hear about the neighbor’s teenage daughter who is really into UFOs and aliens?
Which is cool because tomorrow she’s getting abducted.

Humans: Fuck off, Aliens!
Aliens: UFO!

What is the difference between a smart blonde and a UFO?
There have been sightings of UFOs.

Yo mama so ugly, when she was born, UFOs refused to enter the Earth’s atmosphere.

Why do people offering UFO conspiracy theories don’t understand basic science?
If they did, they’d be offering UFO conspiracy hypotheses.

Did you hear about the husband’s first UFO experience this morning?
He walked into the kitchen and said to the missus, “Morning fat ass.” Next thing there were flying saucers coming at him from everywhere!

What do you call it when the Air Force tries to convince UFO witnesses they saw a natural phenomenon?

If you identify a UFO as a UFO.
Then it becomes an FO.
Unless it lands, and then it’s just an O.

Where do UFO deniers sleep?
Debunk bed.

Why are UFO pictures always blurry?
Because if they were clear, they would be IFO.

A man was out on a walk on a brisk night when he looked up to the stars and saw a flying saucer.
He couldn’t believe his eyes. A real flying saucer! He wasn’t sure if he should be afraid or excited so he found himself asking, “Are you a friend… or are UFO?”

What do you call a UFO that has been discovered?
AnIdentified Flying Object.

What’s the difference between UFOs and honest politicians?
It is possible that UFOs exist.

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Why do UFOs love fields so much?
Guess they must be testing out their tractor beam!

A blonde works at a gas station, fueling cars. A spaceship with the word ‘UFO’ printed on the side lands next to the blonde one day. The spaceship took off when the blonde enthusiastically filled it with fuel.
The blonde’s supervisor appears, surprised, and inquires as to why she filled it up.
“Do you know what ‘UFO’ stands for?” He asks.
“Of course.” She replies, “Unleaded Fuel Only.”

What do you call a plane full of Mexicans?

Where did the alien take the cowboy to go dancing?
To the UFO down.

Yo mama so stupid, she thought Starbucks was an alien currency.

What do aliens like to eat when they aren’t on a diet?
Unidentified frying objects.

The pope was hailed by friendly aliens when a UFO landed in the Vatican.
In the words of the Pope, “What an honor to have the first sign of foreign life in the Universe pays a visit to my humble abode. Now, let me tell you about our heavenly savior and king, Jesus Christ, who saved us all, and currently, we await his return to us.
The Alien Leader says, “Jesus Christ you say? Long hair, beard, always in white clothes, and is in his mid-thirties? Sure we know this guy.. great guy! Whenever he visits us he cures our sick, turns some water into wine (great laugh!), show us his walking-on-water-trick, and then we throw a great party and serve him pancakes. He pops up every 2 years or so. Anyway, what did you guys do?”

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What do you call a female pilot?

Person 1: Hey! I see a UFO up there in the sky take a picture now!
Person 2: Wait, I have to get the worst camera I have.

Have you heard the one about the spaceship that came to Earth?
Never mind it’s over your head.

A family began hearing loud talks from beneath the ground in their property one day. They reasoned that the plumber who had done some work there the day before might have left a radio down there.
They sat and listened to the conversation before realizing it was largely about climate change and UFOs.
They contacted the plumber about his missing radio.
“Radio? I didn’t bring a radio. Oh, I see the problem. I installed a skeptic tank instead of a septic tank.”

Did you hear about the University For Oceans (UFO)?
Heard that education is out of the world.

What nipple did the UFO crash land on?
Areola 51.

Is it cheaper to have a colonoscopy done by a doctor in his office or an alien in a UFO?
Aliens offer it for free for research purposes.

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What do you call the superwoman wearing a mask?

Where do aliens park their flying saucers?
At a parking meteor.

What do you call an alien spaceship that leaks water?
A crying saucer.

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