Aapne Ghabrana Nahi Hai – Meme Template

Aapne ghabrana nahi hai Meme Template on Imran Khan
Aapne Ghabrana Nahi Hai – Imran Khan Meme Template

The Aapne ghabrana nahi hai meme originates from then Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan’s speech to the nation after the breakout of the coronavirus on 18th March 2020. The video titled “PM Imran khan ka Qaum ka Naam Pegham Ghabrana nahi hai” was uploaded on the official YouTube handle of Geo News, Pakistani pay television news channel. Imran Khan starts the address by saying, “Aapne sabse pehle ghabrana nahi hai,” which means that first of all, you need not panic. In the video, the PM explained certain economic measures that were to be taken considering the pandemic. Later on 8th March 2021, Pakistani Musical Composer Saad Alavi uploaded a video titled “PRIME MINISTER IMRAN KHAN SAY’S AAP NE GHABRANA NAHI HAI” from his YouTube handle. The video was a catchy mashup and became an overnight sensation in the Indian subcontinent when he added a musical spin to the speech. The popular use of Aapne ghabrana nahi hai meme is to mock someone who is in deep trouble.

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