20 Funny Martin Luther King Jr. Memes to Celebrate MLK Day

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Martin Luther King Jr., a name synonymous with dreams that don’t involve snoozing through an alarm. This charismatic leader didn’t just march into history books; he sashayed with style and substance, fighting for civil rights with a fervor that could put your favorite superhero to shame. Now, every third Monday of January, we celebrate MLK Day, a day off from school and a break from “adulting” for many. It’s not just a day to sleep in, though; it’s a day to remember a man who had a dream bigger than any blockbuster movie plot. And what better way to honor his legacy in the digital age than with Martin Luther King Jr. Memes?!

Yes, you heard it right! Martin Luther King Jr. Memes. These are not your regular, run-of-the-mill memes. They’re a blend of history, humor, and a hint of sass. These memes do more than just tickle your funny bone; they’re like a history lesson, but with punchlines. They keep MLK’s dream alive, one chuckle at a time, proving that you can be both reverent and ridiculously funny.

Funny MLK Day Memes

1. And alot of memes

I Have A Meme on Martin Luther King Jr

2. Just a conspiracy!

Martin Luther King Jr Assassination Meme

3. Great Dream!

Sorry To Wake You But Meme on MLK

4. What a Monument!

MLK Statue Meme on His Dream

5. In the nightmares!

MLK Monument Meme

6. Happy MLK Day!

MLK Meme on 3 Day Weekend

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7. No holidays for some!

MLK Day Meme on No Leave

8. Draem!

Martin Luther King meme on Dream

9. A great Quote!

Martin Luther King Jr Quote Meme on Class

10. Yes!

Martin Luther King Jr Meme on Skin Color

11. No school on Monday!

Funny MLK Day Meme on No School

12. They don’t know yet!

They Dont Know Meme on MLK Dream

13. Modern day MLKs.

Modern Day MLK Meme

14. Someone is crying!

MLK Statue Boston Meme

15. Relatable in 1950s and 1960s!

MLK Racism Meme

16. True!

MLK Meme in 1962

17. Modern problems require modern quotes!

Martin Luther King Speech Meme on Emojis

18. Best Orator!

Martin Luther King Jr Speech Meme

19. Sad noises all around!

Best MLK Day Meme on Sad

20. Imagine a Day being named after You!

Best MLK Day Meme on Birthday

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