Bol Woh Rahe Hai – Meme Template

Bol Woh Rahe Hai meme template of 3 idiots
Bol Woh Rahe Hai – Meme Template

The Bol Woh Rahe Hai meme originates from the 2009 Indian Film 3 Idiots. In the Bollywood movie, Librarian Dubey (the character played by Akhil Mishra) says this dialogue to Dr Viru Sahastrabuddhe (the character played by Boman Irani) on the occasion of Teacher’s Day when Chatur Ramalingam had started the delivering the speech prepared by him. The librarian says, “Sir, Bol Woh Rahe Hain, Par Sabd Hamare Hain.” The popular use of Bol Woh Rahe Hai meme is to mock someone who has been instructed to say in a specific way by someone else.

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