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Mujhe Kya Mai To Batak Hu – Meme Template

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Mujhe Kya Mai To Batak Hu Meme Template on Duck
Mujhe Kya Mai To Batak Hu – Meme Template

The Mujhe kya mai to batak hu meme originates from the American breed of domestic duck called Pekin or White Pekin. The first instance of the image on the Internet dates back to May 7, 2014, when Chris Otto wrote the blog on “Pocket notepad to keep track of duck and turkey eggs in 1925.” Later, the duck who was walking in front of the pack was uploaded on the Wikipedia page on American Pekin. The image was used in the Youtube video uploaded by channel am Carrots on February 10, 2020, as a prank video by posting a link shortener on discord which helped him get IPs of the user who clicked on it.

Western Spread

The first image macro can be traced back to March 13 2020 when Imgur user TheUsernameChecksOut posted it to showcase the difference between male ducks and female ducks. On November 19 2020, another meme was posted by Reddit user u/officialjmi on the subreddit r/assholedesign.

Indian Version

Although the correct use of the text “Mujhe kya mai to batak hu” cannot be traced since it started as a text, the first known instance of the text can be traced back to December 10 2020, when Twitter user @alivebutew posted a comment on the microblogging site. Meanwhile, Twitter user @kendallsiimpp posted the first meme on December 26, 2021. Since then, it has been shared on multiple social media platforms.

Meaning and Use

The English translation of Mujhe kya mai to batak hu is why do I care, am a duck. The popular use Mujhe kya mai to batak hu meme is to mock someone who is not interested in a certain event as it might not affect him/her.

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