25 Best 3-Day Weekend Memes To Complete Your Long Weekend

3-Day Weekend Memes on Long Week
Funny 3-Day Weekend Memes

Weekends are fun but what’s more fun than weekends? 3-day weekends of course. If you work full-time, chances are that your business or job operates on a 5-day work week. For folks around the world, this usually means that 5 days a week – they are putting in 8-9 hours of work. It sure sounds exhausting and for the same reason, one waits eagerly for the weekend. But what if we told you that this weekend you have 3 days to relax. Your surprise and happiness forced us to mark this with our list of funniest 3-day weekend memes.

Workers’ productivity and schoolgoers’ learning is directly proportional to their happiness. One does not need any research or studies for that fact. Some have understood it during the pandemic while others are still balancing the long-term and short-term factors. Let’s hope that in near future, a three-day weekend becomes a norm in every work and learning space. Till then, enjoy these memes which we owe to public holidays and leave applications.

Happy Long Weekend Memes

1. Happiness is not having to set the alarm for the long weekend.

Long Weekend Meme on Alarm

2. Happy Thursday, fellas!

Thursday Meme on Long Weekend

3. Teachers just don’t make it easy in school for students.

Teacher 3 Day Weekend Meme

4. Almost there!

Almost Three Day Weekend Meme

5. In need of 3-day weekend!

We Need A 3 Day Weekend Meme

6. Leaving work for the weekend!

Leaving Work For A 3 Day Weekend Meme

7. Friday feeling!

Friday 3 Day Weekend Meme

8. Even Jesus needed a three-day weekend!

Jesus Needed A Three Day Weekend Meme

9. We meet again, old friend!

Funny Long Weekend Meme

10. Finally the weekend is here!

Bart Relaxed Meme on 3 Day Weekend

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11. Factos!

Every Weekend Should Be A 3-Day Weekend Meme

12. Those public holidays are great!

Public Holidays That Result In Three Day Weekends Meme

13. Extreme happiness!

Three Day Weekend Happiness Meme

14. Happy 3-Day Weekend!

Happy 3 Day Weekend Meme

15. Hello!

Long Weekend Meme On Horse Teeth

16. Every weekend should be a three-day weekend!

Every Weekend Should Be A 3-Day Weekend Meme

17. After weekend vibes!

Three Day Weekend Gone Meme

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18. Woke up, yet?

After 3 Day Weekend Meme

19. Tuesday mornings after long weekend!

Tuesday After Three Day Weekend Meme

20. Jumping back to work!

Three Day Weekend Meme on Toxic Work

21. Get well soon!

Recovering From A 3 Day Weekend Meme

22. Tuesday, here it comes!

Tuesday Meme on Weekend

23. Back to work on Monday!

Teacher 3 Day Weekend Meme

24. The first couple of hours are tough after the weekend!

Coming Back To Work After A 3 Day Weekend Meme

25. Let’s just say that we share the same feelings!

Long Weekend Meme on Friday

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