20 Best Canada Day Memes in 2024 That Are Funny AF

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Canada Day is when Canadians kick off their winter boots and slide into their party flip-flops, all to celebrate the birth of their nation on July 1st. This is the day in 1867 when Canada went from being just a cool place on the map to its own fancy federation. Picture this: streets flooded with red and white, people wearing maple leaf tattoos, and enough pancakes and syrup to feed a hockey team. It’s the day when saying “eh” becomes a national anthem and the moose are considered honorary guests. And while everyone’s busy enjoying parades and concerts, Canada Day memes sneak in to add a dash of humor to the festivities.

Now, Canada Day memes are the unsung heroes of the internet on this very Canadian of days. They’re like beavers building dams of laughter across social media streams. These memes are a hilarious snapshot of all things Canadian – from jokes about being overly polite to the eternal struggle of pronouncing ‘Z’ as ‘Zed’. They spread faster than maple syrup on a hot griddle, turning the day into a meme-fest that even your grandma would double-tap on Instagram. So, while you’re out there watching fireworks or munching on a beavertail, remember to share a meme or two. It’s a digital high-five celebrating the land of the maple leaf!

Funny Canada Day Memes

1. Happy Canada Day, amigos!

Canada Day party meme

2. Sorry for yelling!

Canada Day Sorry Meme on Justin Bieber

3. Never too cold to celebrate Canada Day!

Canada Day Cake Meme

4. Someone looks excited!

Beaver Meme on Canada

5. Mildest excitement on Canada Day!

Funny Canada Day Meme on Dog

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6. Yeah, that we can agree on!

Happy Canada Day Meme on Bob and Doug McKenzie

7. Strong and Free!

Happy Canada Day Meme on True North

8. Typical Americans!

Canada Day Cartoon Meme

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9. Start drinking on the 1st and don’t stop till July 4th!

Canada Day Drinking Meme

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10. The first week of July!

First Week Of July Meme on UK

11. And International Joke Day too!

Canada Day Meme on 4th of July

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12. Americans have no regrets!

Canada Day Meme on Mass Grave

13. On Social Media!

Fourth July Meme on Canada Day Celebration

14. Why no memes?

Funny Canada Day Meme on Hockey Player

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15. Prevalent joke on Reddit!

Canada Day Meme on Moose

16. Canada produces 85 percent of the world’s maple syrup!

Canada Day Meme on Maple Syrup

17. Why doesn’t the UK have Independence day?

Independence Day Meme on England

18. Life is better when we hockey stick together!

Canada Day Hockey Meme

19. Always beleaf in Canada!

Maple Leaf Meme on Canada Day

20. Canada is a-moosing!

Canada Moose Meme

This exceptional Canada Day was marked by joyful pyrotechnics and the world’s largest living maple leaf. We celebrated by hunting for Canuck memes. I hope you enjoyed them.

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